Wednesday, April 30, 2008

If you're tired of New York, you take a napa -- you don't move to Napa!

I can thank my dear friend Jen over at Cheaper Than Therapy for something wonderful today.

She was kind enough to recommend a dentist to my family and me. We've been unhappy with the recent choices we've made, based on either their inability to have any emotion when they speak, their desire to suggest work that it turns out wasn't necessary, and in one case, a general "ick" factor. When you're talking to your dentist, you really shouldn't have to feel creeped out. This guy not only has a problem with staring, as if trying to read and destroy your very soul, but he's also what Jerry Seinfeld called "a close talker." My favorite description of both dentists is from Jen, who when I mentioned their names, wrote, "Ick -- cack!" HA! Well put!

Anyway, as the story goes, we all met her dentist yesterday, and what can I say? We love him! Not only a great guy, but SO accommodating of the kids, letting them observe me getting my teeth cleaned and then talking them through every step of their cleanings. He's exactly what I wanted in a family dentist. Thank you Jen!! (Happier still -- I am cavity free!)

Does everyone know what May 30th is? I'll give you a hint: it has to do with the title of today's post!

Give up? "Sex and the City - the Movie" comes out that day!! Jen and I will be putting our heads together to plan an opening night party with our friends (minus one very special girl who is lost in Texas). For fun, there's a test here that you can take to find out which of the girls you are most like. It seems I am...

You Are Most Like Carrie!


The Mom Jen said...

YAY YAY YAY! I'm so glad you like your new dentist!! He is really great with my kids too and a long time family friend. Glad you're cavity free too!

We could always have Deb on the phone with us in the theater! ;)
29 days baby!

Merrie said...

Don't think I haven't been thinking the same thing! lol And yes, Dr. R had nothing but lovely things to say about you, your parents and your kids. :)