Tuesday, April 22, 2008

It's 9:24pm

Kids are asleep. Hubby's snoring on the couch. Two dogs are flacked out on the floor. And the Sharks are currently winning by two points. If I just had an amazing glass of red wine, things would be almost perfect.

Of course, these days, that's crazy talk. I've come to accept that I'm one of those unlucky souls who has RWH syndrome. That stands for Red Wine Headache, in case you were wondering. I looked it up, I swear! The best suggestion I saw was to take some aspirin or ibuprofen about an hour before you drink it, and it should help. (That leaves a lot of room for spontaneity, eh?) Last night I tested this theory. How could I not after the SpLiTtInG kIlLeR hEaDaChE I suffered with from halfway through my glass Sunday evening to mid Monday morning when my at work Excedrin kicked in? (That'll teach me to run out at home!)

Back to my point -- I took two ibuprofen when I got home yesterday, and waited almost an hour before I enjoyed another glass. It worked! No headache during dinner, no headache after dinner, nor at bedtime. I did, unfortunately, wake up with one this morning, but that's not always unheard of with me. I avoided all alcoholic substances tonight to see how I'll feel tomorrow.

Any other red wine fans out there, too? I do enjoy my refreshing Rieslings and Gewurztraminers with certain meals, but deep in my heart, it's all red for me. Zinfandel tops my list, followed closely by Cabernet and often Syrah. What I can't seem to find any taste for is Pinot Noir. I have yet to find one that I like. (Sorry Miles from "Sideways." We'll never see eye to eye. And I can take or leave Merlot.)

My best girlfriend is a red lover, too. Together we've enjoyed many a bottle of wine. I'll be seeing her in four weeks, and I have no doubt there will have to be a special bottle set aside for that occasion. What do you think, Deb? DeRose Dry Farmed Zin? I'll have my ibuprofen ready to go!

And no, Mom and Dad, that's not a clove cigarette in Deb's hand. We would never EVER smoke in Monterey at 2 in the morning. Ever!

Update: 9:40pm, and the Sharks have won the series!


The Mom Jen said...

Hey there I am in the background NOT smoking them either. Haha, pretty funny. They must have been giving them away on the street. At 2am. In Monterey. Near the elevators?!

And I'll sample reds on wine tasting trips, sure. Headaches happen with white too. I try to drink water (i know kinda ruins it) in between each glass.

Can someone say, chatty? Sorry! ;)

Merrie said...

I probably don't drink white often enough to notice it, but I don't doubt it.

Yes, I am suddenly beginning to recall the stranger who forced clove cig's on us right outside of the elevators! We were just too polite to say no! Yes, that's it.