Friday, April 25, 2008

Weekend Plans

It's Friday, everyone! Let me hear a "Huzzah!" Ah yes, I do love Fridays. Not the entire day, mind you, but the moment I roll out of work with the unknown before me. The next 30 hours are my favorite time of the week. There's Friday night to enjoy, no alarm clock on Saturday, and the possibility of doing anything I want for a full day! (Within reason.) I confess, though, that I really don't look forward to Sunday. To me, Sunday represents the end. Unless I have something fabulous planned, and typically I don't, I spend the day dreading Monday. Ridiculous, maybe, but true. It's so bad, that I'll stay up to an ungodly hour Saturday night, because going to bed means I'm giving in. It means I'm accepting that it's Sunday, and clearly, I have issues with that.

This particular weekend holds a lot of promise for a wonderful Saturday. Two of my best friends in the world are having a baby in May, and I'm co-hosting the baby shower! Mark, Lisa and I all met during the same year in high school. They started dating, and we (along with my high school beau, B) were inseparable. We all attended a senior ball together, and they have been a huge part of my life ever since. I have to share a picture of Lisa and I on that night!

How cute and young were we??

Anyway, Mark and Lisa got married in 2004, with yours truly as a bridesmaid. And now they're having their own little baby that I can't WAIT to meet. Hence, the baby shower.

It's been fun planning this one. I've been blessed to work on it with Lisa's wonderful sister, who is not only a great person, but has great taste in what should (or should not) go into a shower. My previous experiences with showers I've co-hosted or been given have tended to include things that I couldn't seem to talk other people out of. Like when my friend Sherie was having her first baby, and my shower cohort insisted -- INSISTED -- that we serve wrapped Togo's sandwiches as the main course. There was no discussion. This was simply the only possible choice, apparently. I cringed, but I guess what's important, is that baby C came into the world happy and healthy. My other tasteless experience involved a baby shower I was given, where everything was lovely and feminine, except for the random plate of taquitos. Don't get me wrong -- I like taquitos, and maybe I wouldn't have been as annoyed about them if I had just arrived and "ta da" there they were. Instead, they were on the menu from day one, alongside croissant sandwiches and spinach salad and fruit salad. I suggested they didn't really fit in, but what does the pregnant woman know? Better to put them on a plate with no sides of any kind -- people will love that.

I guess I just like things to be nice. Don't you worry, Lisa! Yours WILL be nice!

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Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm in your blog! And baby C too! Mr 8 years old wants a cell phone and how soon can he get a car! (He's horrified I told him he gets the purple Saturn, which I'm sure you remember well!) I had no idea my shower traumatized you! The Togo's wasn't my idea, I never liked that place!

Congrats to Mark and Lisa! I remember Lisa cuddling up with baby C at one of your parties! Or maybe it was c2, I can't remember...