Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Feels like Monday

I took the last two days off from work thanks to an awful head cold that became a chest cold. Staying in (or close to) bed for 48 hours really does make all the difference for me. And even better...what feels like a Monday today is actually Wednesday. We're halfway there!

This last weekend basically rocked for various reasons.

Saturday my parents came into town for a visit, and my brother joined us for the day, too. On top of that, I ended up inviting a fun neighbor and her two kids over, so we had quite the house full! We talked, laughed, drank and ate a delicious dinner that came together with everyone's help. Even though I wasn't feeling well, I had a great time, and I enjoyed being surrounded by so many people that I care about. The air didn't blow out of the day until just after the neighbors left. Right then, my daughter tripped and fell into something hard, bringing on the first bloody nose of her life. (The first of mine, too, really! Neither kid has ever truly had one.) She eventually stopped freaking out, and once cleaned up, fell exhaustedly into sleep within my arms.

Sunday was a different treat altogther! My dear friend Ro wanted to celebrate her birthday by having us enjoy brunch and jewelry making in a cute little town called San Juan Bautista. Though the weather was not our friend, and it was cloudy and windy all day, we still had a lovely time. Brunch was at a cute little place called Mariposa, where we enjoyed their Sunday buffet, and I tried a pot of black tea with cream. Very soothing on a cold day. The jewelry was created at a bead shop that I've always loved, and we were happy to have a lesson on the how to's of putting something together. I took the longest in picking out what I wanted to make, and even then I had to steal (take inspiration from?) the idea from a necklace that was for sale. I think I'm creative enough most of the time, but look at all there is to choose from!! It'll make your head spin!

That's me in the middle -- still browsing!
In the end, we made lovely necklaces, some with matching earrings. Here we are in all of our bejeweled glory!
Me, K2 and Ro.

Now I feel inspired to go back and make something else. I think I know the plans for my next Mommy/Daughter date!

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The Mom Jen said...

Glad you're feeling better!

Jealous too that you had a nice time on Sunday!

Is it really 8 days until Deb comes?! YAY! I can't wait until we get to hang out at CH in the SUITE---sweet!