Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Organizing fun!

Organizing. It's like crack to me. Seriously! For fun, I buy organizing tip magazines. And now that I've discovered the Organizing Junkie, I'm happy to say I'm not the only one. There are others like me!!

After reading her blog today, and drooling over/looking at the pictures, I was motivated to take some action. When I rolled into town this evening, I picked up the daughter and headed for Target. I found some great smaller 6 quart storage boxes for just .99 cents each, and also picked up some other bigger baskets. (From there we ran to the end of my son's karate class (that's "kuh-rah-tay," right Ross?) and then walked to the downtown farmer's market. Picked up some sweet cards from my friend at Whines and Wines, got some cherries and then came home to devour fresh corn on the cob and baked potato. I love Wednesday evenings in my little town.)

After the food, I jumped into action!

First, I started with my dry ingredients/baking/sauces/jams/craft cabinet. Are you scared yet?

Frightening, right?

Here's what I ended up with after much tossing, sorting and organizing into the baskets.

I was so motivated, that I went to town on our cereal/snack cabinet.

Lastly, I NEED YOUR HELP! I have these fabulous bottles that I got on my 30th birthday. I have yet to even break the seals on top, and I'm sure there's some great way I could be using these on display. What do you think?? I'd prefer not to fill them with liquid, but I suppose oil in one makes sense. Any suggestions from all of you out there? Help me use these gorgeous bottles!

Oh, and one last shot of my stove. This is the clearest that counter on the right has been in years, and all thanks to making room in my cabinets!

I had a plan for the red wire basket on the right there, but it didn't work the way I planned. I'm still working on where/how to utilize it. Have no fear -- I'll figure it out.


KatBouska said...

What no labeling??

I'm a fan of clear counter tops as well.

I am not a fan of cleaning, though I am a fan of clean things.

I've got a cabinet over here begging for your company...

Ali said...

Those pictures are motivating me to tackle my closet. One question though, where did your Whoppers go that were in the first picture?!

Unknown said...

Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words. It's so nice to "meet" new bloggers.

And you can stop by anytime to organize my cupboards. My pantry would love to see you.

Merrie said...

The Whoppers were from last Sept, and it was decided that we would toss them. It's amazing how quickly the garbage bag filled up!

As for labels -- I do have a label maker, and I'm tempted. I know there are others who would do a finer job than I did, but I feel good about getting a start. Tonight I tackle the cabinet under my bathroom sink!

Melissa said...

okay, now I really need to get organized :)