Friday, June 27, 2008

Not playing flag football!

Still recovering from the flu, though back at work for most of today to get caught up. I can't live with being out for more than two days if I can help it, and thanks to lots of medication, I'm here. I suspect most of the weekend will be spent resting.
Here are some pics of my kids, taken last Saturday by my friend KC, who is another flag football mom. While my boy refused to take part, and we've now given up trying, we all spent the first game out in the sun on the hottest day yet. Here are a few shots from that afternoon from good ol' KC.

Here's the boy -- angry as you know what.

The daughter, however, managed to amuse herself and keep cool in the heat! What a trooper!


queen foodie said...

Wow, he does look pretty unhappy. Are you putting him in the sports camp at RSJ? T has loved it! T and B want to play football next year. Maybe C is a soccer player?

Aunt Julie said...

Hi! I'm new to the Blogosphere, and I found your site thru another link. Interesting stuff here! I'm running a giveaway, and I'd love it if you'd stop by. Drop in any time! :)

McMommy said...

My son wasn't so hot on t-ball this past season either!!

I love the pic of your daughter with the refreshing water!

Unknown said...

CUTE cute cute!