Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy 3rd!

I'm stuck at work, waiting for some documents to give my boss, and then I'll be out of here for a four day weekend. WOOHOO! We're looking forward to a relaxing fourth. What would have been just us and my brother has turned into us, my brother, my parents, and some of our lovely hometown friends. Hubby will bbq, the kids will swim in their little pool, and we'll all eat ourselves silly. Sounds pretty relaxing to me.

Our town has pretty lenient laws on fireworks, so there will be plenty of them set off in our court tomorrow. I prefer to watch the neighbors set their own hard earned money on fire, but Hubby has gotten into the blowing up of things, and so bought $56 worth of our own items to set off. I can't help but feel like we might as well just take 56 dollar bills and burn them up on the street. Perhaps I'm the party pooper of our group. I DO, however, love and enjoy the city fireworks show that is set off at the school near our house. We can enjoy them from the comfort of our yard, which is just fine with this homebody.

Hopefully the many wildfires happening in my beautiful state won't be made worse this weekend by fools and their fireworks. If you don't have a large concrete space to blow them up in, here's a tip: don't do it!


Insane Mama said...

Have a happy 4th of July!

queen foodie said...

I also don't like spending $ on fireworks. We will be spending the day at the Inlaws and then off to GH Elementary to check out the show. Have fun eating...I have started back on Weight Watchers.