Monday, July 28, 2008

Helping to Make a Difference

I'm following McMommy's lead today, and sending all my visitors over to this special gal's blog: Heather of A Big Boy, A Baby Girl and a Precious Pug was very recently diagnosed with cancer. She's a young active mom who is going through something very frightening. I'd love for you to show some support in whatever way you want -- either by visiting her blog and leaving a positive comment, or just keeping her in prayer.

I've also added a link on the left (beneath my blog roll) that will take you to Heather's blog any old time you want an update. Oh, and she's on my blog roll, too. It doesn't get much easier, people.


The Mom Jen said...

I've been reading her as well and it's so awful she's dealing with this.

Bex said...

Oh, man. My heart breaks for her. I will be worried for her until I hear her news...I really hope it's good. Thanks for sending me her way.

queen foodie said...

I'll be keeping her in my thoughts. Cancer is so ugly and it's just not right she has to go through this.