Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My Daughter

My almost five years old daughter is not what you'd ever refer to as "boring." If anything, I'd say she's one big roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes I actually refer to her as Sybil, and my husband knows exactly who I'm speaking of. She's capable of hot to cold in a matter of seconds, and back again if she feels like it. We've learned the hard way that it can often have to do with lack of sleep or lack of protein, and sometimes we can turn her around with one of these added back into the mix. But not always.

Let's take yesterday as an example, shall we?

We took the kids to a local theme park, figuring a Monday would be perfect since most people are at work. (I was off again.) We were right, and the place was a ghost town compared to most weekends. There was the usual complaining and whining from both kids off and on, and we did have to reprimand the boy for his decision to run off when he got mad at us. (It turns out he went and rode a ride while we were frantically searching. Nice.) However, our daughter was truly in the Worst. Mood. Ever.
She cried about not wanting to go while we drove there. She cried, and was rather pissed, about not wanting the lunch we bought for her along the way. (In an effort to get food in her, I managed to buy her a second different kind of sandwich that led to actual protein ingestion. This helped...for a while.) She cried when it was time to go home. On the way out, we bought each kid a little something, which made her happy for a while. But falling asleep on the way home led to a grumpy arrival. So she cried about not wanting to get out of the van. (Hubby actually suggested driving around for a while, but with the cost of gas these days...)
Once home, I realized we were out of certain groceries, so I turned around to head for the store. In a moment of frustration, my daughter got into the car with me to come along. She complained the entire way there about her disappointment in the toy we'd bought her, and insisted that she would wait in the car while I shopped. (Yeah, that's gonna happen.)
I first stopped at the Safeway gas station to fill up for the remainder of the work week. While I was gassing up, she hopped into the front seat and frowned a lot. I opened the door and we had a little conversation.
Me: Hey N, why don't we see if we can get that large stick out of your butt, and then maybe we can have a nice evening.
Her: (working hard to not laugh at my use of the word 'butt') I don't have that!
Me: Sure you do! It's about this long (fingers showing 8 inches or so) and if we take it out, you'll feel better!
Her: I'm going to take it out and stick it up your nose!
Me: Well that won't smell too good.
She managed to stop herself from smiling, but I had a good laugh.


Tami said...

And now I've had a good laugh! Nice response Mama :)

The Mom Jen said...

I can hear your voice throughout that whole post and especially with the conversation! Oh welcome to the world of little women!

Who would've thunk that precious little peanut in the carseat asleep at my mom's pool would be so sahsay!


Miss ya!

queen foodie said...

I don't know if I could do a girl. May the force be with you through puberty :)

Ranch Girl said...

Ha! Been there done that, athough I missed the early years with my 2 lovely step daughters! And, sorry to say it takes until they're in their early 20's to get that stick out of their butt (and sometimes out of nowhere there it is again!)

Ali said...

It's not just girls, though, this sounds just like my 4 year old son! Maybe it's a second born issue--I don't remember my 6 year old being this temperamental!

John Deere Mom said...

Oh...I think I have just gotten a glimpse into my future! My 2 year old is very....difficult.
I have to admit though...your conversation had me cracking up!