Friday, August 29, 2008

100 Posts, baby!

That's right...this is my 100th post! I began to wonder, earlier this week, if I was getting close. By the time I checked, I was at 97. Wow! I remember when I was at 25 or 26 and feeling like 100 was forever away. I guess being a consistent blogger has paid off.

In keeping with the standard way of celebrating, I will now share 100 things about little ol' moi.

1. I started keeping a diary/journal when I was in Jr. high school.

2. When I became a Christian before my sophomore year, I felt ashamed of how shallow I had been, and tore out all the pages to start "fresh."

3. I've always regretting not keeping the torn out pages.

4. I do NOT like feeling regret about anything.

5. I have about eight journals of my life through the years, and now and then I enjoy reading through them.

6. I don't miss how wishy-washy I was about love.

7. My family found it funny that I was the cheap money hoarder among them when I was young.

8. Even as a child I couldn't stand the regret I might feel if I spent too much money on candy at the store.

7. I hid stored my money in my Dad's dresser drawer for safe keeping.

9. It was kept in a Guess Jeans pocket that were from the one and only pair I ever owned.

10. My mom made me pay half the cost of them so I'd appreciate them more.

11. I wore them until they died.

12. I often found "I O U's" in the pocket from my dad.

13. He'd borrow $20 or $40 here and there -- I was the perfect ATM.

14. He always paid me back.

15. Last night was the first time I had to borrow money from my seven year old.

16. He only agreed once I promised to pay him back with interest. Do you see a trend?

17. These days, my blog is my journal.

18. I have a co-worker that I dislike enough to cringe when I hear his voice.

19. We'd probably get along fine if he'd never talked to me about my breasts or anyone else's.

20. I think our next conversation should be about his moobs and my recommendation for a "bro."

21. I hate emptying the dishwasher.

22. I am lucky to have a stay-at-home husband who empties it instead.

23. I've probably had to do it all of three times in the last year.

24. Hopefully he knows just how much I appreciate that.

25. This doesn't mean I don't clean up the kitchen or load it. I'm good at that.

26. If I ever quit working full time, I know this job will go back to being mine, and I'm okay with that.

27. I truly love being a Creative Memories consultant.

28. Helping people get their pictures and keepsakes into albums is a very satisfying job for me.

29. I've been a consultant for six years now.

30. It bugs me when people act like scrapbooking is some kind of cult.

31. There's no kool-aid involved.

32. I have one brother who is five years older than me.

33. We're very different personality types, but we're both very outgoing and friendly.

34. I admire how strong he is, in both body and mind.

35. I was a rotten little sister to him for a lot of years.

36. I'm sure he wished he'd been an only child for a lot of my life.

37. I'm glad we're friends now.

38. I had a blanket growing up (blankey, if you will) that was given to me by a favorite aunt.

39. That aunt's daughter confirmed it was made by her because of the signature pocket it had on the corner.

40. My parents eventually had to take it away because I kept sucking my thumb when I had it.

41. I sucked my thumb for so long that my permanent teeth stuck out from it.

42. I could stick my tongue out at you with my teeth clenched.

43. Oddly enough, they fixed themselves eventually and I've never needed braces.

44. Dentists always show sincere surprise when this comes up.

45. Neither of my kids is a thumb sucker and I'm very relieved.

46. I have most episodes of "Friends" committed to memory on some level or another.

47. I love watching those reruns as much as any rerun of "Seinfeld" or "The Office."

48. I can hardly wait for "The Office" to return next month.

49. I'm a huge Jam fan and want to see what's going to happen next for them.

50. I won a radio contest this last Saturday.

51. I called in and won U2's first three albums that have been re-released.

52. I own every album except these, so I feel pretty good about completing my collection for free.

53. I've never seen U2 in concert, and that destroys me a little.

54. I am determined to see them on their next tour, no matter what the cost.

55. I recently purchased tickets to Amy Grant's next CA concert.

56. She's playing 30 minutes from my house, and I couldn't be happier about it.

57. I've got GREAT seats, too.

58. If only she would do a meet and greet -- my life would be complete.

59. Yes, I am aware that I'm a dork.

60. I love love love going on vacations.

61. I even enjoy the anticipation during the traveling to get there.

62. Any opportunity I have to stay in a hotel -- I take it.

63. Whenever it's affordable, I'm even happy just to go on an overnight somewhere.

64. Discovering new places is always exciting, even when you discover a place you won't return to. (Pebble Beach.)

65. My favorite vacation was a few years ago when we spent four days in Huntington Beach.

66. That's where I discovered that resort life is the life for me.

67. I would make a very good rich person.

68. My mother is always saying that she wouldn't want to be rich.

69. I don't really understand this, and just wish I could be rich.

70. Hell, I'd be happy with "extra comfortable."

71. I've always liked that my birthday is Veteran's Day.

72. I especially like that it was my due date, and the numbers are 11/11.

73. I can't tell you how often I happen to glance at the clock and it's 11:11, am or pm.

74. Both of my kids were one week late, and both had to be induced.

75. My son was supposed to be a c-section because he was "transverse" or sideways in my uterus.

76. Every time they tried to move him, he was in the correct position. Later, he'd flip again.

77. Finally, the morning of my section, he was head down, so they induced me.

78. 36 hours later I had him naturally.

79. God bless the epidural man.

80. I've had two bone fractures in my life.

81. The first was my left arm when I fell while roller skating.

82. The second was my big left toe when the horse in front of my horse tried to kick my horse and got me instead.

83. The not so nice "friend" who was with us gave me a hard time for crying that my toe hurt.

84. She did not apologize the next day when I told her the toe was fractured.

85. I fully believe this girl is a sociopath after the book I read about sociopaths.

86. They truly don't have a conscience, nor do they feel things the way the rest of us do. That describes her perfectly.

87. I miss horseback riding.

88. My mom had a brother who had a ranch up in the Half Moon Bay hills.

89. We used to ride all over them for hours by ourselves, and those are some of my favorite memories.

90. I'd love to own a horse now, but besides the financial side of it, I don't know when I'd have time to ride.

91. If someday we can move to TN next door to Jen the Mom, which I hope to do, I may get to live that dream.

92. I get my height and my nose from my paternal side.

93. Meanwhile, my face is shaped exactly like my Mom's, and hers is like her mom's. My daughter has inherited it, too.

94. My daughter has not inherited my height just yet, but her face and hair make it clear that she's all mine.

95. Our height started with my 6'9" grandfather who had a thyroid problem. It was up or out -- I'm glad it was up!

96. I was raised with a strong sense of family and the knowledge that they all loved me no matter what.

97. I'm trying to instill the same thing in my kids, even though the family has shrunk quite a bit in size.

98. My daughter doesn't go to sleep at night without saying and hearing, "I love you no matter what. Good night."

99. My son thinks I say it too much, so we revert to the ASL hand sign sometimes. He's cool with that.

100. I'm glad they're growing up feeling loved.


Tami said...

Woohoo, 100 posts!

Congrats girlie :)

Ranch Girl said...

Congrats! And, I loved reading all 100 - I dropped M off at school, came home, poured a cup of coffee, fixed my bagel and sat down to read you 100 :-) I love having more information about the great friends I have!

Jamey said...

Love this, Congrats! and I have been to a U2 concert they are fabulous!

Jamey said...

P.S. I love your new header! It is wonderful!

Ali said...

Congrats! Here's to many more posts! And I'm liking the new look around here:)

The Mom Jen said...

YOU ARE NOT MOVING! It's in your contract you signed in BLOOD!

You lucky dog with the U2 music! That's so cool. Can you win me some Hannah Montana in Disneyland tickets?

Ro wanted to go out tonight...I forgot to send an evite...

Rochelle said...

Yeah! I want to go out!

I love your new blog header. I have a feeling I know the artist!

I'll have to take a raincheck on the 100 fun facts about Mere. I'll work on them this weekend!


Tasha said...


John Deere Mom said...

Very fun read! My favorite was, "There's no kool-aid involved." Crack me up!