Sunday, August 3, 2008

A Happy Walk

My daughter and I were just out for a walk with Simba, during which we played her game of, "Mom, can you do this?" She says that while doing some random walk, run or shuffle, sometimes with arms waving about, sometimes not. I'm supposed to then imitate whatever she's doing, and she cracks up. We must have looked like quite a sight, especially when I would be running with my arms flailing all around.

At one point, she started skipping, and inquired of my ability to do it. This reminded me of something that I discovered in high school. I share it with you now, and hope that you will use this gift as you see fit.

You can not skip and be angry at the same time.

In fact, you can only be happy, and I bet you'll even find yourself laughing out loud. Don't believe me? Just you try it. The next time you feel down or upset, step outside in the sunshine or moonlight, and skip away. Don't worry about how you'll look to the rest of the world. Your heart will feel lighter, I promise you. And if you see a six foot blond skipping along with a laughing four year old mini version of herself, that'd be me and my daughter. Be sure and say hello.


queen foodie said...

Basically I smile when I skip because I'm amazed at how far my tata's can go up and down :)

Ali said...

I am so going to try this the next time I feel like I'm lose control! My boys are not gonna know what to think!

Tami said...

So true :)

Anonymous said...

By golly I do believe you're right. I'll have to store that one away in my mental rolodex and use it the next time I find myself needing to count to 10.

Ranch Girl said...

What a nice thought today, Mer. We woke up this morning nice and early and looked at our beautiful Cabo sunrise, thinking of our Lukey dog, and talking about how great a dog he was. I think when I get sad I'll think of that and I'll go skipping around the house!