Monday, September 29, 2008

The Halloween Dilemma

I was treated to something yesterday that I love: a Mommy/Daughter date with my girl. Originally I was going to take both kids to a movie, but my son backed out after his buddy next door became available to play. Apparently I rank second on his list of "Things to do on a Sunday." Okay, I can live with that.

My girl and I headed out for the theater to see "Igor." No, it hadn't gotten rave reviews, but it was the only kid friendly flick out there. Sometimes you just have to drop your standards and go with it. In the end, it wasn't bad, and she even stayed awake until the end. We laughed a bit and walked away with a happy feeling.

When it was over, neither of us felt like going home. So we headed for the only place in town that's open for amusement on a Sunday -- Target. We wandered about, looking at this and that, and got a few fun things that we didn't really need. She picked out some fuzzy pink slippers and I got the new Oprah book, "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle." You'd better be right Oprah, 'cause I spent $18 bucks on this thing!! Note to all my local friends: Don't buy it -- we can pass this one around. Who wants it first?

The last stop was the Halloween section. I don't know about you, but I dread this time of year. I do love Halloween, but for some reason, figuring out the costume is unenjoyable for me. It was easy when the kids were little. I picked something cute out, they wore it, the end. Now I've got two people with all kinds of opinions about what they like and what they don't like. What they don't like is everything I seem to suggest.

After a lot of looking around and various conversations about this and that, she finally found something that she really liked. At first I didn't think much of it, and was just happy she'd settled on something, but after getting it home and seeing it on her, I think I'm changing my mind. Am I crazy to now be thinking that this is borderline inappropriate??

I'm leaning towards pointing out that it's too snug (because it is), taking it all back and starting over again. There's just something not right about a little girl in a fuzzy bow tie. Am I just sending her down the path to this??

You're a nice girl, Holly, but I want different things for my daughter.


Ali said...

Lol! It looks okay on the little girl in the picture:) I'm bummed about the prices of costumes! My son saw a Jeff Gordon costume he liked but that thing was 25 bucks! That's a lot of groceries!

Leslie said...

It's not soo bad. If the skirt would shorter, I might feel a bit differently. But at her age, I think that one is OK. Thanks for stopping by my blog! ;)

Rochelle said...

I pitch in a couple of bucks to read that book! It was on my to do list!

And your girl will make a beautiful Playboy Bunny! Hey, Barbara Walters did it for a night and look where it got her!!!

Merrie said...

Okay Ro, you get it first. I'll start a list if anyone else is interested.

LOL on Barbara Walters.

Ali - I feel the same way. $30 for a bunny outfit?? I felt guilty enough buying myself a book! (Which so far is amazing. This guy really is very Steinbeck like.)

Tami said...

I love that last line to Holly - too funny!!

Yeah, a nice girl who has a thing for a guy who's a hundred - lol!

I think every year the little girls costumes get more risque...last years both of my girls were football players...nothing hoochie mama there!

Ranch Girl said...

Why the heck do the designers of kids costumes even come up with stuff like this?! Yikes

Jamey said...

Too cute, but yes I agree the prices of thes cheap costumes are terrible, I wouldn't mind paying the price if they were made with quality.

kristen said...

LOL on the Holly part! I am ashamed to admit that I watch that show and every time my husband will walk in the room and say something along the lines of "What must their parents think??"