Friday, September 12, 2008

A little project

First, I have to mention yesterday. It was amazing -- all the people that wrote about their 9/11 experiences, and every single one was emotional to read, and probably the same to write. Thanks to all of you for sharing what you felt and what you went through, whether you were at home with your babies, at work with strangers or right there on the streets of New York, trying to survive. We all had different experiences, yet we all seem to have one united thought: we won't ever forget.


Lately I've been inspired by the organization that a lot of people have taken in getting their kid's school materials ready each day. For example, having a small closet dedicated to everything they need daily, or even building a section of their laundry room to hold backpacks, shoes, etc. Unfortunately, our house doesn't have an area like that, and there's no handy place near the garage door (which we use more than the front door) to build that.

I decided the best I could do was make use of one wall that just sits there, doing nothing but holding up the house. Whoop de do. First I hit Pier One, where I found these iron hooks, which I forgot to take a "before" picture of.

I followed Kimba's lead and decided to go the spray paint route! You can see the color they were on the bottom before I painted them.

Once they were dry, Hubby hung them on the wall, and now they hold the kids' backpacks, jackets and lunchboxes that are ready to go out the door with them each morning. (Now if I could just get them used to putting their stuff there when they come home!)

That's my daughter looking paranoid in the corner. She makes a lot of effort to be in pictures whether you've asked her to or not. Look at this picture I took of her at the bridal shower on Saturday -- she wasn't even in the picture they were taking, but she thought perhaps she should be. How cute is she?


Ali said...

I can't even get my son to get his backpack out of the van when we get home! Actually, it's my hubby's work closet that needs a makeover. Miscellaneous receipts, spare change, a million ink pens everwhere.

Jamey said...

good idea, I need to doo that too! Yes she is adrable, My girls are the same way, they drop everything and pose, if there is a camera taking pictures!

Keri said...

First- your daughter is adorable!

I love the little area you set up for the kid's school things. I need to do something similar here- Dillon's stuff always seems to be all over the place. Doesn't spray paint work miracles? I've salvaged so many flea market finds with a good can of spray paint!

Tasha said...

Great idea! I've been thinking of doing the exact same thing. RIght now the backpack goes over the kitchen chair.

Dana said...

that is such a good idea... you did an awesome job - i love them!!

Thanks for stopping by my Blog... I love yours , it's so cute..

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