Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I hate stress

I'm laying in bed right now, typing away next to someone who's snoring. I won't name names, but he has a goatee and a heart stopping smile.

I have recently started really appreciating my laptop. Yes, I have my very own personal laptop, and you can't believe where I got it. This was actually the gift that everyone in my office got for Christmas in 2006. All 300 of us. I kid you not. When the company is doing well, and they have been the last several years, they try to give back in whatever way they can. Instead of throwing an expensive party in December, they host a family potluck (we all contribute part and they contribute the rest), and then give us a generous gift. Christmas of 2007 was the year of the iPod Touch (that is now my husband's, as you may recall from this post.) Yes, I work for a wonderful company. My thank you to them is that I now blog wherever I want to in our wireless house.

And that's good enough considering how hard they work me most of the time. I adore my boss and I like what I do, but sometimes the pressure really builds up, especially lately with a project I've been working on. At the end of last week I really thought it was all but finished, but at the last minute on Friday it was brought to my attention that there was an untied loose end on the part of someone else. Someone I trusted to do their part. And this part meant I was in danger of missing my $66k deadline. *gulp* What a fun weekend I had, wondering and worrying. Nope, not a lot of sleep.

Then came Monday...and someones part was finally getting done...but I wouldn't know if my deadline would be met until Tuesday. More non-sleep. Tuesday afternoon I thought I was having heartburn, but it turned out to be a pretty painful anxiety attack. At 4:30, the final day, I had all the ducks in a row. I drove home, took a Valium, and finally exhaled for the first time in a week. Amazing how that pain went away. It also didn't hurt that Hubby picked us up some yummy Japanese food and we watched "Sex and the City: the Movie." He can be pretty wonderful when he wants to be.

Do you need something to smile about? Check out our Bunco Night at Cheaper Than Therapy. Try to guess which one is REGISTERED INDEPENDENT me! ;o)

Good night!


Mother of 4 said...

Hi Merrie,

Just want to warn u that I'm reading now lol ;)

Take care


Your Fav English gal Gina ;) !

Ranch Girl said...

Here's to a less stressful weekend this weekend. I'm thinking I like my ranch life more and more ... the biggest stress I have lately is, well, um, hmmm, I guess there isn't much (except my self imposed stress of planning perfect Webelos Cub Scout meetings).

Jamey said...

I am so glad it worked out! I knew you would be ok! I hope that doesn't happen again for a long time!

Jamey said...

BTW I love your fall look!

Ali said...

When husbands pick up food and a movie it's easy to forgive the snoring isn't it?! What great Christmas gifts! If anyone in your company doesn't participate in Christmas please send me their laptop--I want one!

The Mom Jen said...

First, is your company hiring?
Next, I'm so glad things worked out, and i'm so sorry for the anxiety attack, i know too well how painful and scary they can be.
Third, Hubby is a gem, you are so lucky!
Last, BOOBS!

LazyCrazyMama said...

How awesome to get a laptop for X-mas from your company! I know I just couldn't do anything w/out mine!
But of course you do put up with a lot for those perks...

LazyCrazyMama said...

Just popping back to let you know I left an award on my blog for you!