Friday, October 17, 2008

My Friday Fragments

I've decided to give Mrs. 4444's Friday Fragments a whirl! Thanks lady!
The Merrie Family savings plan is in full motion, and here's what we've done to save this week:

AT&T was happy to drop us to their most basic plan, which means we have DSL, can receive calls and can call out -- for a fee. Our intent is to use our cell phones only, which always have excess minutes each month. Downside: losing caller ID, which I loved. Upside: Our bill went from $66/month to $32/month, though we don't know what the taxes & fees will be until we see a new bill. Still, that's a savings of probably $28/month, which is better than anticipated.

Hubby cancelled the biased newspaper -- a little less liberal hate in our house. Yay!

We ate in every single day this week, and managed to use some things up that normally might have sat around and been ignored. I brought my lunch every day, except for the few days where work bought my lunch. (I love those days.)
Boss' day was yesterday, and I wanted to make an effort to acknowledge mine, but without spending. I had bought him a card a few weeks back, and since he's one big giant sweet tooth, I baked brownies last night, which I gave to him in a basket this morning. (He was out yesterday.) When he came in, we laughed about all the home baked goodness, after he mentioned that he'd just finished off my blackberry jam this morning.
If you haven't read Happy Hour Sue's blog about hamster danger, please do so now. I laughed so hard I cried. I. love. her.


Jamey said...

welcome to fragment friday, I love doing this! Great job on cutting the fat off bills!

Mrs4444 said...

Love your FF post! These are some good tips (and reminders). Thanks for playing :) Off to read about Hamster Danger! Have a great weekend.

mom3crazygirls said...

We have been talking about cutting back to basic phone in the house too and using our cells more often too - let me know how it goes!!