Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Husky Abuse

We spent a little time torturing Simba this evening. First, we brought in Cooper. She's our outdoor kitty cat that we adopted as a teeny 4-5 week old kitten that had been abandoned at my work. It was some work keeping her well when she was tiny, but nowadays she's a happy, healthy and possibly the friendliest cat around. She would be an indoor cat, but unfortunately cats and Husky's don't mix, which we learned for sure the day we brought home Simba. After that, she had no interest in coming inside, and has happily resided in the garage and around the yards. We provide cozy places for her to sleep, and she seems content.

Back to my point, Cooper ended up in our laps for a while this evening when we discovered she has an eye infection. (She'll be hitting the vet's office tomorrow morning.) Simba sniffed her all over and whined quite a bit, while also attempting to get between Cooper and I. Apparently he doesn't care for her to be a part of the family.

His humiliation was complete when Hubby did this to him.

He was not amused.

Meanwhile, Cooper had a better evening than usual, and will hopefully be feeling even better when the Vet gives us some meds for her. We had some quality time in front of the computer.

Tomorrow - NEW YEARS EVE! I can't wait! We're going to Monterey overnight with our best friends, Mark and Lisa. Our favorite hotel is all about giving you warm cookies at check in, and it's close enough to down town for us to walk around with the kids, grab some dinner and then crash in our room when it's time for games and the countdown. With three little ones it should be interesting! But it's a fun change in the routine -- they've spent the last 8 new years at our house with us, and I have such fond memories of them all. Like when we rung in 2001, and I told them that night that we were having a baby. And last year when it was Lisa's turn to be pregnant. I feel very blessed to have them all in our lives.


Ranch Girl said...

I hope Cooper feels better soon. Our dogs don't do well with cats which is why my Mindy Lou kitty (20+ years old) lives in my office with the door closed. She's survived coyotes and cars for all of her years - she deserves to live her last in comfort.

Sheri said...

Oh, I hope Cooper feels better! I used to have a kitten and a puppy. But, it became clear the cat and I were not friends, and since my puppy thought he was a chew toy, he found himself at a new home with a huge barn and lots of mice to chase. Still, I miss a kitty cuddling on my lap!

kel said...

Poor Coop! I hope he is feeling better!! Happy new year!

Ali said...

Poor Cooper and poor Simba--such humiliation!

queen foodie said...

We've got cat humiliation going on around here...hope you're dogs feeling better soon. Our Angel got bit by another cat and is struggling with that. We're struggling with the bill...holy moly.

Mere said...

Poor Simba!! Hope Cooper feels better though!! Happy New Year!!

Love, Mere

P.S. I love how you have a 3 column blog and concious thoughts instead of comments! It's AWESOME!!

Jamey said...

I hope you had a good time, Happy New Year!

Tasha said...

Oh I heart Monterey! That's where DH and I honeymooned- my granparents have a family cottage in Pacific Grove right on Lover's Point. Glad to hear you had a good time!