Saturday, March 7, 2009

Kid Blog Ideas

I just hit the kids up for a blog topic. Charlie came up with these:

"I love Charlie and Noelle."

"My dog Simba is crazy."

Noelle thought up this:

"I love my Mommy and Simba."

When asked to expand on this, she has this to say: I want to talk about why I love Daddy. Actually, I want you to write "Noelle loves Daddy" on your blog.

Sweet. I'm feeling the love.

Today Noelle had another soccer game and this time her team scored four goals. It's adorable watching these five and six year olds chase the ball down the field. I'll have to post a video when I get the chance. Noelle's not the most athletic one on her team, but she doesn't complain and she doesn't give up, which makes her a winner in my book.

Hold on -- she wants to write something about her daddy. "He lets me cuddle with him. He gives me apple slices when I'm hungry. When I want Simboo in he lets him in and dries his feet when he's wet."

And now Simba. "Noelle loves Simboo because Simboo lets me pet him. And he lets me cuddle with him. He lets me hug him. And that's all I can remember."

Do you see a trend here? Daddy and Simba are the luckiest boys I know.


Rebekah said...

lol- that was cute.

Jamey said...

how sweet! they are lucky boys!