Tuesday, April 14, 2009


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We had a nice Easter but it was hardly relaxing. We spent all of Friday evening driving up to my parent's house in the mountains, with only a stop on the way for a not so healthy dinner at Applebee's. I'd like to find some things "to do" along the way in the future to make the trip a little more fun.

The kids had a ball hunting for eggs and bunnies and baskets on Sunday morning, after two very cold "bunnies" spent time hiding them. I had been awoken that morning by a very excited Charlie, who could hardly believe the Easter Bunny had written him a note in response to the one that he had left. How fun to correspond with the big bunny himself!

We did get some feedback from the kids about the candy, which it turns out is pretty disappointing to a five and seven year old. I can't say I blame them -- the lovely See's candy that my mom buys, as well as the few random things we throw in, aren't exactly appreciated by them. They've requested some other things for next year, including Kisses. Noted! I'll have fun getting a few things that meet their tastes (and mine) next spring.

Mid-morning we took the kids up to the Biblical Gardens where Rick proposed 10 years ago on Easter morning. They were pretty blown away by some of the sites they saw, which led to some great conversation about Jesus and who He was. It seemed to make it more real to Charlie, who spends a lot of time telling us he doesn't believe in God. We didn't hear any of that as he looked at the life size statue of Jesus on the cross.

On our way home that afternoon we took a detour and visited this place.

It's like Disneyland inside!! The kids had a ball and we all felt kind of sad to leave -- Rick most of all. I'm sorry to say I forgot my camera this weekend and have no photographic memories to share. Genius, I know. Especially after I bought a small camera to keep in my purse.

Unfortunately, this trip to Bass made me start thinking that Rick is right -- we do need to take these kids to Disneyland again. I just wish I could get that money tree to start producing cash again!

Hey Disney -- want me to review you?


Mere said...

It's awesome that your "bunny" wrote a reply to his note! wow! I'm impressed! Those biblical gardens STILL interest me! Do they have a website?

Love, Mere

KatBouska said...

You had WAY more fun on your Easter...but we had better candy. ;)

The Mom Jen said...

Hubby gets like that in tool shops like Harbor Freight and often Home Depot. It's like a kid in the candy store!

Looking forward to Chevy's on Saturday!! ;))

Ranch Girl said...

Remember, Mer, we're only about an hour and a half from Disneyland ...

Jamey said...

Erik just went to one (bass pro shop) in Manteca last week, It was hard for him to leave too. I am Glad that you had some great conversations at the biblical gardens, how wonderful, you will have to give me directions, sounds like a great place.