Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Was Late For Work

7:05 this morning

Charlie: Mom, Mom! It's already 7:35 -- you're really late!!

Me: AUGH!!!

Charlie: April Fools!


Here we go...

My son discovered last year that this is possibly his favorite day all year. I know we raised him with a sense of humor, but this kid is taking it in a whole new direction. Already he's being labeled the "class clown," which I fear is only going to lead to more trouble. Hopefully today the teacher will be a little lenient when he chooses to use some of his April Fools ideas. As long as she can handle being told there's a spider in her hair, she can survive just about anything!

I'd love to come up with something clever to pull on the kids this evening, but it has to be something that will make them laugh, not cry. Somehow I don't think, "We're having chocolate cake for dinner!" would be fair.

Does anyone out there have anything clever to share that would bring laughs all around? Our family could use one this year.

Happy April First!


Darcie - Such The Spot said...

My kids used to think it was hilarious when I safety pinned all of their underwear together. When they went to grab a pair a whole string of them followed along. I also like to get them with rubber snakes/ lizards. Attach them to fishing line and watch 'em scream! Does that make me mean?

One year, we set out to embarrass the heck out of my teenage daughter. Her best friend lives across the street. It was a Sunday morning. We had my husband run (all breathless and stuff) in through the front door with a newspaper in hand. He went on to tell the story of how he'd just snatched the newspaper from our neighbors (her best friend's) driveway. He played it up by saying that the best friend's daughter was outside and had seen the whole thing. Torri was mortified and kept telling my husband to go put the paper back! Very funny. We didn't really steal the paper obviously. :)

Dawn said...

Hey! Our family loves loves loves April Fools' Day! I got the traditions started a long time ago as a single mom, trying to make new traditions for our "family."

Since this day is about being foolish (and being fooled!) we now eat dessert before dinner. Your chocolate cake idea is great, as long as you follow through! We usually have cake and ice cream for dinner, followed by something like spaghetti and salad or steak and mashed for dessert. Here's a thought: You could even get a recipe for cake made with veggies for a real treat (or prank!)

My girls already were on the prank prowl this morning. I am considering posting all about today on my blog later!

Mere said...

Well when I was 5 years old, I was at daycare on a school holiday and my mom called me (she normally called me every afternoon at daycare after I got back from elementary school) and told me she was pregnant. I was so excited and asked her all sorts of questions! Then she said "April Fools!" It was the best April Fools Joke in all my memories! Just an idea...

Love, Mere

Ali said...

I think my oldest was getting a little tired of all the jokes today. About 6 pm tonight he said that he can't wait until this day is over!

Melissa Good Taste said...

I WAS AT SAFEWAY AT SUNDAY! I would have loved to meet you! Hollister is a small place, we will run into eachother again! Blogging is so much fun!

Angela said...

One of my friends blogged that she was pregnant...but that was the extent of my April Fool's day. A couple of years ago we did the whole "We're pregnant!" thing with our families, but they were so upset that we were kidding that I sort of felt bad. I considered telling them all that we'd found out already that the baby is a boy, but I figured that one might be a little too mean, too. You need to let us all know what you ended up doing!