Sunday, May 10, 2009

Special Sunday

Happy Mother's Day to all of you Moms!

We're having a different one here at our house. My husband is currently in Florida with his own mom, while I'm here with my kids. They delighted me this morning by piling into my bed with presents they made at school. Charlie had a darling card and a bookmark for me, while Noelle gave me tea and a darling pen that's potted like a plant and has her picture on top. All of you teachers out there are SO clever! Thanks to their teachers, and any of you, for helping our kids do something sweet for us.

After the presents, Charlie appeared with a big bowl of cereal for me, and declared it was time for my "breakfast in bed!"

So far, the plan for today, goes a little something like this.

Play Pikmin on the Wii
Play the Wii fit
Take Simba to the dog park

The children might have had a hand in making those plans.

The part they won't be a part of is when I play "find the money" in order to make this month's house payment. Ack. C'mooooon economy!!

Enjoy your Mothers Day!

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