Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Memories of Ratatouille

Back when “Ratatouille” was in theaters, we attempted to go as a family and see it. We knew something wasn’t right about Noelle that day, but we couldn’t quite put our finger on it. It wasn’t until she very suddenly threw up popcorn and lemonade all over Rick that we finally realized she was sick. I was just grateful that she managed to miss all of the innocent people sitting near us.

Rick didn’t feel the same appreciation.

Ten minutes later we left with refunds in our pockets and a half naked child in our midst. We never did make it back to see the second half of that movie.

Fast forward to last week…

DirecTV had a free movie channel weekend, and being the movie nut that I am, I went crazy and tivo’d about 20 movies to be watched later. Guess what one of them was?

We settled in one evening last week and decided to watch it again, only this time without the vomit. It wasn’t turning out to be my new favorite Disney film of all time, but there are plenty of good moments, and I was enjoying myself.

Suddenly, this scene was upon us.

If you’ve seen it, you recognize that this is when Anton Ego is about to eat the ratatouille.

He takes the bite and is immediately transported back to his childhood. He’s a little boy, standing in the doorway to his kitchen, and his mother is at the stove, cooking. She looks at him and can see he’s feeling low. Perhaps a fight at school? She places a bowl of ratatouille in front of him and he takes a bite of the comfort food. THIS is the memory that comes to him when he eats the dish Remy has prepared.


I hugged Charlie, who was cuddling with me, and said, “That’s just what food should be like! Some flavors should just be a comfort and take you back to a time when you felt happier or safer. I love that feeling.”

That’s when seven year old Charlie said:

“Yeah…I love it when food takes me back.”


Ranch Girl said...

We pay per viewed that one and still have it DVR'd - we've watched it at least half a dozen times - maybe it's time to watch it one more time ...

Kate @ Bliss and That said...

Aw, we love that movie! Glad you enjoyed it more this time around! :)

kristen said...

We love that movie! Leah has the DVD and I can't tell you how many times we've watched it. Charlie's comment is too cute!

KatBouska said...

I had the same feeling about that movie. Really sweet, but definitely not the best Disney of all time. :)

Charlie has such an old soul. ;)

KKJ said...

My poor boys refuse to watch that movie ever again. They broke down during the brothers being separated. Come to think of it they refuse to watch Nemo again either. I guess I will not try Bambi on them. ;-)
Now, Cars, that is one they will watch!