Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Happy Joy Joy

As I’ve probably mentioned before, my husband has been the designated stay at home dad here on Sleepless Mornings Place. Even before the economy went bust, his company was having financial issues, and we figured layoffs would eventually happen. When they did, we both immediately polished up our resumes and started the job hunt.

It didn’t take me long to find a position that I really wanted to go for. It took some maneuvering, but I managed to land myself an interview with first the search company, and then the actual company. Meeting my boss for the first time was like...meeting an old friend. I liked him immediately, and he must have felt the same way, because I had an offer that day.

Three and a half years later, I am happily still a loyal employee at my company, while Rick has only had part time work here and there that wasn’t cutting it. Being home every day was not leading to happiness for him, because that’s just not how he was built! He wants to kiss the wife, go to a job and come home at the end of the day with some bacon. Up to now that dream has eluded him.

Until yesterday!

That’s right, folks! Yesterday morning, Mr. Sleepless Mornings himself received a job offer from a wonderful company that happens to be located right in our own little town!

Can you even process the amount of joy that is coursing through our veins these last 30 hours? Not only will be finally be able to breathe more easily from a financial perspective, but more importantly, Rick is already smiling more and getting back his self confidence!

To anyone out there who wants to argue the point of “men can stay home – they’re just as capable – there’s no shame in it – women do it – it’s a valuable and important job.” Hey, you’re preaching to the choir! I have spent the last three and a half years of my life pointing all of these things and more out to my husband. And I do believe he’s tried to feel them. But it just comes down to the fact that he feels his self worth lies in contributing to the family financially, rather than making sure the kids have clean clothes. I don’t think he’s wrong to feel this way – he’s entitled to his opinion, just like any of us, and I think his opinion falls in with the majority of men in this country. I don’t know about you, but I love a man with a strong work ethic, and mine has one.

Congratulations Honey – I love you and I’m so proud of you!!


John Deere Mom said...

That's awesome!!!! Congrats!

Ranch Girl said...


KKJ said...

I am happy to read your great news! Woo hoo.

Angela said...

That is exciting news! And I totally understand how this must feel to your hubby. I know it would eat Dustin up that I was the one working full time when we first got married because he was still going to school. Even though he didn't really need to work full time, he wanted to so that he could be the one providing for our family!

Mere said...


Love, Mere

Keri said...

That's wonderful news! Congrats!