Monday, August 24, 2009

Birthday Highlights

Charlie's slumber party was most definitely a success! We invited three of his buddies for an evening of homemade pizza, games, ice cream cake and a movie. I don't care if you're 8 or 33...that's just a recipe for FUN.

First, here's Charlie's birthday wish list that I think he wrote out about 2 months ago. My favorite unrealistic never-going-to-happen item is the second to the last one. Keep dreaming, kid!

Let's see....Pokemon cards? CHECK!

Bakugans? CHECK!

Mario Kart? CHECK! (That one's from us -- his friends don't gift that fancy!)

Everything else was just an added bonus. Like, for instance, you can never have too many transformers, right?

And then there's Lego's. They bring on the crazy eyes!

The one downfall? A sappy card from your Grammy that you can't bring yourself to read in front of your pals.

Finally it's time to wash down that messy pizza with some ice cream cake!

My favorite part of the cake ceremony was how he spent about 30 seconds making his wish. He took it very seriously. Afterwards, he told us that he wished everyone would have a great time tonight. How do you like him now?

The evening wouldn't have been complete without some fun goody bags, which included glow sticks that they ran around with in a darkened house. The neighbors must have thought we were nuts.

I love it when a birthday is successful, and I think this one was the best yet.


Ranch Girl said...

Sounds like a fun time was had by all! Our birthday celebration this weekend will be just family, it's how my boy likes it, but it does include miniature golf and a yummy homecooked meal!

Such The Spot said...

So fun! Happy belated birthday Charlie. And how cute is it that he wished for everyone else to have fun? Awesome kids you got on your hands there Mer...

Mere said...

He sounds like such a sweet kid! I love the pic of him with his presents!! The look on his face with the card from his grammy is priceless! I love glowsticks so I definately wish I was there to share with them!

Love, Mere

Rebekah said...

Mario Kart!! I love mario Kart. The kids and I used to play all the time.... but that was back in the day of plain ole Nintendo.