Wednesday, August 19, 2009

School's In!

We had our first day of school on Monday here at Sleepless Mornings. I was happy to have taken the day off to play “full time Mom” for the day, a role I happily embrace at every opportunity.

This guy woke up and was walking around dressed like this (with empty backpack ON) for a good half hour before we even needed to leave.

He was definitely excited, despite all the moaning and groaning he had been doing throughout the days before about having homework again, etc. Look out, Third Grade!

Noelle is a little more easy going about things. She only seems to be nervous about how much math she doesn’t know, but is otherwise excited about her classmates, teachers, etc. We were pretty thrilled that she got into the First grade class we had wanted most, with the two teachers we adore. Their teaching style is so well loved that my own best friend is incorporating many of their techniques into her own classroom this year in Texas. I think Noelle is sure to have another great year.

She warmed right up when we arrived at school Monday morning, especially after she found one of her best friends from last year. They buddied right up and I only had to stay for a couple of minutes.

Charlie didn’t have quite the same experience. I think the first downfall was that the desks weren’t assigned, which would have made it easy for him to sit down. His teacher wanted to wait on that until everyone was assigned a number, cubby, desk, etc, and she instead let everyone pick a temporary seat. Her reasoning was good, but unfortunately this put Charlie in the position of needing to choose a spot next to total strangers, and that is not something he was joyful about doing. Eventually, with some coaxing and a little laughter, I was able to get him situated at a desk, and then I stuck around for an hour to make sure he was at ease. I told him to give me a thumbs up when I could go, and finally, just before P.E., he gave me the signal. I watched him leave with his class and then I headed out.

And now a little tip for all of you out of the kindness of my heart.

When you see this:

Don’t park there for over an hour. Because when what you thought would be a 15 minute stop ends up being an 80 minute stop, you get a parking ticket for $55. There…I’ve done my good deed for the day.


Dawn said...

I wish I would have gotten your tip a little earlier! I just paid my $50 parking ticket... oh well. Love to help out the guys in blue :)

BTW, your kids are super cute! My girls are at the age (13) when taking first day of school photos is like eating sand... I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your day with them!

Rebekah said...

We started school last week. So far so good.

And Ouch! on that parking ticket