Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Retreat!

Last weekend’s scrapbooking retreat was a phenomenal success!

91 of us traveled up to the mountains for a weekend of solitude, delicious food and (yes, you guessed it) scrapbooking. Sleep is always an interesting thing to obtain when we’re there. Some of us feel compelled to stay up and crop as late as possible, while a few others are happy to get caught up on the sleep they’ve been missing at home. I was the fool who stayed up visiting on the last night, and before I knew it, I was going to bed at 3:45 a.m.! This was not a smart move for someone who then has to lug all of her product and gear and personal items down a hill to a van the next day. My legs and back were not happy with me.

Of course, the massage helped a bit with that.  I loved it!  Partly for how good it felt, but mostly for how wonderfully relaxed and comfortable I was.  Our masseuse that we bring in has a knack for setting just the right atmosphere, and I couldn't have felt more at ease.  We ended up talking about some really personal things happening in our lives, and I appreciated her insight on a particular situation that I'm dealing with.  That entire hour of my life couldn't have gone better.

The only downside of the weekend was that the severe storm we had for three days finally knocked out the power at 9:15 a.m. on Monday. Thankfully that was our last day, and nobody was too miserable about the idea of going home early, but then the roads got closed and all of that changed. Suddenly people were in a bit of a panic to get in touch with their families to let them know they wouldn’t be…home hours early? I didn’t completely get that, but was as happy as everyone else when we found out the roads were clear at noon. We high tailed it home, and from what I hear, most of us crashed pretty hard for the rest of the day.

Now I'm in the midst of closing out last year and starting to plan next year.  I needed a few days to give my brain a rest, but I feel ready now.

Time to head out the door and take Charlie to his afternoon playdate.  He's had a rough week at school and I'm trying to make sure he has a fun weekend surrounded by people that like him.  Meanwhile, Noelle is having her playdate here and I have two six year old girls rocking out to Myley Cyrus and Taylor Swift right in front of me.  For microphones they are using a hairbrush and blush brush.  This is so taking me back!

Happy Saturday!

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Ranch Girl said...

Happy Saturday, Mer! Sounds like it's a good one :-)