Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Day to Relive?

Mama Kat does it again with her Writers Workshop.

“If you had to relive a day in your life, what day would it be?”

The tough thing here is to decide one of two things.

Am I choosing a day that I want to relive because it was wonderful and I want a second chance at experiencing it?

Or, am I choosing a day that I want to relive because I want to change the outcome of some event? And if that outcome is something that would impact my life and change it completely, what does that say about the life I live now? Do I regret it? Would I want to NOT be where I am today, and therefore not have Charlie and Noelle?

Heavy stuff.

There are so many moments I would redo.

Like, I would be brave and kiss that boy I was in love with in the moment I should have – who knows what might have happened, but at least I would have taken a chance.

I could do-over one of the many moments when I put my big size 10 foot in my mouth – I still cringe when I think of those.

Or wouldn’t it be nice to go back and take back a hurt that I caused someone? Just erase it all together?

I would love that.

But I choose to accept the life I’ve been given – the paths I have chosen – and be blessed by the two wonderful creatures that have come into my life because of that.

Instead I would pick the happy day.

But which one??

I can’t bear to pick a day one of my children was born because I don’t think reliving all of that pain sounds appealing. It’s tempting to pick a day from high school – one where we either had a play and a cast party in the evening, or perhaps one where we hiked up in Sunol and then ate at Bob’s Giant Burgers afterwards. Those were pretty great days.

In the end I think I would pick a Christmas. One where both of my maternal grandparents are alive and we’re celebrating with them at their house. A day like that would probably start with my brother and I running around outside, playing with all the ice that froze overnight in various places around the property. Then we’d have a big breakfast where the scrambled eggs have bits of bacon in them, the way my grandmother used to make them. The day would just flow together – meals, family, presents, movies. Best of all, I’d get to hug both of my grandparents again, and talk to them, and hear their voices.

For me, that would be a day worth reliving.


Survivormama said...

Oh I love this one...the one you mentioned about kissing the boy..I had a boy I loved when I was 16 and we never really could get it together but we did kiss! Christmas is a great happy time I love that you shared that with us...thanks and have a great day!

Jen said...

I too think that there are just too many days that I want to go back and relive but if I ever get the chance, I want to do it with the wisdom that I have gained from already living that day. Does that makes sense.

I have just learned so much in life that I would like to apply that knowledge to my past.

I guess hind sight, really is 20/20.

cheri said...

this made me think what day i would choose. hinsdsight, i dont think i can pick any moment in any day. those experiences happened or didnt happen for a reason and helped shape who i am today. it's nice to look back to those days and learn/laugh.

i guess this is the reason why i can't pick a prompt from mama kat's.

paige said...

I agree with you - I'm glad my life went the way it did, good and bad.
It's great to have so many days you'd like to relive that you can't choose!