Monday, April 19, 2010

Sunday Recap

Yesterday was one of those perfect Sundays.

I didn’t get to sleep in, but I did get to wake up to a smiling little girl next to me. (She spends most of the 3-7 a.m. shift sleeping with me.)

Breakfast was nothing special, but at least I got to enjoy my bowl of Fiber One in my sunshine filled living room with previously mentioned smiler.

Charlie had a play date with one of our favorite friends, and they had a fabulous time doing a little bit of everything. Wii games…Lego building…fort building…bike riding – does life get any better for two little boys? Actually, it did, because I felt like baking and threw together some chocolate chip cookies with mnm’s on top. They were in heaven.

I’ve discovered that baking and cooking is much more fun in a clean and neat kitchen – did it really take me 34 years to figure that out? I was motivated to cook up a linguine dish that includes brie, tomatoes and fresh basil, and it was much more fun to do in a bright and clutter-free kitchen. That’s my new daily goal – keep that place clean so I can continue to enjoy my time there. Because let’s be honest – I’m always going to spend time in there, whether I’m in the mood or not! That’s one of the joys of single parenthood – if I don’t cook, they don’t eat.

By the way, dinner was delicious, even if the kids did cringe after one bite. I knew going in that I am the brie lover of the family, and that they would probably not love the taste, but I took a shot. I was kind and allowed them to cook up some waffles instead. I wasn’t upset – that just means more leftovers for me! And guess what I enjoyed for lunch today?

The end of the day wound down with no arguing or complaining from the crew. They showered, bathed, brushed and combed without a fuss. Everyone went to sleep feeling happy and loved – even me. We definitely needed that.

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Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

What a warm fuzzy post ... so glad you had such a nice day - you deserve it!