Monday, June 21, 2010

Catch up!

I've been blog slacking and I don't feel good about it.  On the upside, my house has been a bit cleaner, my kids are a little less neglected, and we've all been enjoying the sunshine.  I guess life is all about give and take.

We had a decent week at Sleepless Mornings -- the highlight for me was having the girls over last week to watch The Bachelorette together.  Anyone who watches remembers (with a cringe) how awkward last week was with all the singing going on.  I'd just like to give a little tip to all the prospective bachelors: when Ali is looking uncomfortable as you serenade her, she's not thinking about how talented or amazing you are.  She's planning the fastest escape route away from you.  Please, for the love of God, STOP SINGING.

None of us takes this show seriously -- we just have a fantastic time watching the train wreck that it is.  And it's way more fun to do that with your girlfriends because it just leads to fun and laughter.  Best medicine, right?

Another highlight was seeing Toy Story 3 on Saturday with my kids.  It didn't start out that way thanks to lack of food in their bellies as we were finding our seats.  I think all us moms know the secret to happy kids -- PROTEIN!  At least that's how my kids roll.  Empty tummies = crabby kids.  Thankfully the nice gentleman sitting near us helped us settle in with our popcorn and hot dogs and nachos and drinks.  The only fatality was one lemonade, which the theater was kind enough to replace.  It's so awkward to be getting settled with kids that are complaining and whining and you can't yell at them because 57 people are watching you and thinking they're glad those aren't their kids!  (I say "kids" but really it was Noelle -- she was the one acting up, and thankfully Charlie was being pretty helpful.)  When we were finally seated I got the hot dog in her hands quick so that she could start the protein intake.  Sure enough, within about ten minutes her head stopped spinning and she was truly excited about the movie.

Oh yeah, the movie!

It. Was. AWESOME.  Everything I could have asked for in the final (I assume) Toy Story trilogy.  All the favorite characters were there and the new ones were fantastic as well.  We laughed, I cried and we all felt good about the ending.  If you're on the fence at all, I am giving you my stamp of total approval -- see it!  You won't be sorry.

As for this week, I'm determined to have another decent one, though I know work is going to steamroll me a bit.  Hopefully I'll find some time to blog.
Happy Monday!

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Ali said...

I've really been a slacker in the blogging dept--3 weeks! I'm finally getting back into the groove though. Thanks so much for the twitter-well-wishes when I lost my dog. Love the blogging community!

I can't wait to see Toy Story with the boys and I saw that clip of the bachelorette on The Soup--hilarious!