Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tahoe Joe's Steakhouse Review!

Last week my lack of blogging can be blamed on one thing -- I was on vacation!!

Yes, I took a full ten days off from work, and it was heavenly.

No alarm clocks.
No set schedule.
No "have to" moments.
Nobody bossing me around.

I.  Loved.  It.

We took various day trips here and there, but the highlight for the kids was our trip to Roseville, CA.  We departed early in the morning on a Monday and drove up to spend the day at Sunsplash.

The best part about this place was the kid area -- it was filled with more things to do and little slides to go down for kids and grownups alike that we spent most of our day there.  The big slides were great, but even on a Monday some of the lines took an HOUR.  We definitely got our money's worth and were exhausted by the end of the afternoon.  Plus, thanks to some amazing SPF 70, we left with the same skin color we came in with.

That night we stayed at the Hilton Garden Inn that is literally across the street from the water park.  VERY nice hotel -- new, clean, spacious and you can't knock fresh cookies in the lobby.  The other highlight about this hotel is that it shares a parking lot with a wonderful restaurant.  We simply walked over for an amazing dinner at Tahoe Joe's Steakhouse!

Right off the bat I knew this was a great family place for one obvious reason -- instead of crayons and a piece of paper for the kiddies, the server handed each child an Etch-a-Sketch!

This kept them amused for quite some time, and off an on during the meal they had a blast with it.  I, too, might have sketched a little magic...

Remember how I mentioned that we walked to the restaurant?  Thanks to this little fact, I didn't feel shy about partaking of a delicious drink.  I decided early on that I would go with one of my favorites -- a Bloody Mary!  Believe me when I say it tasted as good as it looked!  Absolutely the perfect blend of spiciness that I love in a Bloody Mary -- I couldn't have enjoyed it more.

It wasn't hard to decide on an appetizer.  Charlie and I are big fans of Buffalo Wings, and that sounded fantastic to us after all the running around we did.  We were hungry!  We told our wonderful waitress, Samantha, that Noelle was hesitant about the sauce because she doesn't typically like wing sauce.  Samantha suggested we have the sauce on the side, which worked out well.  We definitely didn't have any trouble eating the entire plate!

The kids ordered from the kid menu (which is awesome) and the appetizer menu, but my dinner came with a choice of soup or salad.  When I heard the soup choice was potato cheese, I didn't have a doubt in my mind that this was the choice for me.  It was creamy and delicious and cheesy -- I loved it!

Noelle opted for the hot dog from the kids menu, but she unfortunately wouldn't eat it because it had been char-grilled and had black lines on it.  Most of us know this is not a bad thing, but there was no telling my very tired six year old this.  She chomped on some french fries and basically tried not to fall asleep on her plate.  Charlie, on the other hand, was eager to have the nachos for his dinner, and was more than a little happy when they arrived and looked like this.

Can you say cheesy?  In the end he was too full to eat much, so these were heated up all over again the next day in our hotel microwave.  They were almost as yummy reheated and we devoured them!

My dinner of choice was the Whiskey Peppercorn Sirloin.

What can I say??  It was AMAZING!  The meat was so tender I could cut it with the edge of my fork, and the green beans were crisp, crunchy and full of flavor.  The red mashed potatoes were perfect -- exactly how I want my mashed potatoes to be.  They couldn't have done better with my dinner!

Tahoe Joe's Famous Steakhouse restaurants are located in various parts of California -- hopefully somewhere near you!  Visit their website like I did, decide what you absolutely have to try, and get yourself over there for dinner soon.  You won't be sorry!

Thank you Tahoe Joe's!!


The Mom Jen said...

I'm drooling!! Will HAVE to check that out when we're in the area next time!!

Teresa Dawn said...

Wow, looks like great food.

When I was young I always wanted an etch a sketch. Never got one though.

John Deere Mom said...

Oh, everything looks just amazing. The bloody mary? Yes, please! The nachos look divine and the Etch-a-Sketches? Brilliant!!

Mere said...

I think the Etch-a-Sketch part got me....WOWZERS!! That's AWESOME!!! I'm glad y'all had a fun and great experience :)

Love, Mere

Soaring Hearts Yoga said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful day!