Monday, August 2, 2010

Topic of the day

I’m a big fan of “The Office” on NBC, so when Rainn Wilson (aka Dwight Schrute) began a website called Soul Pancake, I took interest. For the most part they send out weekly emails that are full of unique ideas and are supposed to get you thinking. I confess I mostly read them and move along, but I began to realize that there are some great blog topics in there that perhaps I could steal expand on.

So with all credit to Soul Pancake, here is a topic from a few weeks back.

What do you want to lose in the fire?

We spend a great deal of time thinking about what we would dread losing in a fire, don’t we? Family albums, special pieces of jewelry, love letters from a first flame. We always think about what isn’t replaceable.

But what about something you’d be glad to lose?

A few years ago I would have jumped right in and said I’d be glad to lose the carpeting in my entire house! However, thanks to Charlie and another natural disaster, I like our floors now. (Which reminds me -- that will have to be another blog post!)

I don’t think I have any deep meaningful answers to that question.

But I can think of all the things I wouldn’t miss.

Like my husband’s German Beer Stein collection that he “inherited” from him father. And by “inherited” I mean that “nobody else would take them.”

Or how about the giant over sized stuffed animals that the kids have been given over the years that take up so much space? What do we do with a two foot tall Care Bear that nobody plays with? It just sits on a shelf in Noelle’s room and complains about how neglected it is.

What about the clothes in my closet that I hang onto for sentimental reasons? I recently did a true exorcism of that closet and definitely purged plenty. But I confess I’ve held onto the dress I met my husband in, the dress I went to my senior prom in, etc. Why do I torture myself with less space in my closet?

There’s also that corner in my dining room that is just…stuff. I would absolutely love to see the corner of that room again for the first time in about seven years.

I don’t know about you, but this post is getting me motivated to go home and do some more clearing out. How about you?

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Heather - Hopelessly Flawed said...

That's a great writing prompt, actually. Honestly, sometimes I feel so overwhelmed by all of the 'stuff' in our house I think I'd like it to burn down so we could start over. Isn't that awful?