Thursday, March 17, 2011

Getting Prepared

The devastation in Japan has been weighing heavily on me, just like everyone else, I'm sure.

The footage of the Tsunami rolling through the streets, devastating homes and livelihoods, is overwhelming.  Even watching the waters wreck our docks here in nearby Santa Cruz was shocking, just because it hit so close to home.  I am aching for the people over there, and of course I can't help but think about what I would do if something as awful happened here.

The one thing I really realized is how unprepared I am for a major earthquake, and I LIVE ON the San Andreas Fault!  What is wrong with me??  I have two kids and two dogs and a snarky cat who would depend on me if we couldn't get fresh groceries or water for a period of time, and I'm sitting around on my butt doing what?

So here's the plan.

I think this weekend I'm finally rejoining Costco.  I always loved belonging there but gave it up when I was closely watching my budget.  That's not to say I'm no longer watching my budget, but I think this is a matter of putting our best interests first.  Obviously I won't be buying out the store on the first trip, but why not stock up on canned and dry goods and water over a period of time?  I just recently read a fictional book about a family going through a bird flu crisis, and it really struck me on how difficult it would be to take care of your family without easy access to a store or supplies.  The things we come to depend on and take for granted are a real luxury.  I don't want to be the one caught in the dark because I didn't plan ahead at least a little bit.

I have a cousin who recently pointed out that even in a devastating situation, eventually you'll see the good in it.  It might take months or years, but someday, you'll see it.  If what comes from Japan's heartbreak is that I am ready for the unexpected somewhere down the road, I'll take it.  I hope you'll do the same.


Mere said...

All the thoughts you've been having are running through my head too! It's scary but I'm ready to see the good. More than anything though, this entire thing made me think a lot about being prepared for events like this. (I'm totally NOT!) haha

Love, Mere

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