Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Simply Bags – Personalized Tote Bags

Hello Readers!

I was recently the recipient of a fabulous new tote bag that I have been dying to use for more than just every day toting.  This weekend I finally got my chance to do just that!

First, the tote bag!

It came from a great online store called Simply Bags

Simply Bags is a specialty monogram and embroidery shop offering personalized tote bags. Beautiful, personal and useful gifts. Colorful and bright combinations. Creative gift ideas ... unique laptop totes for women, couples wine tote, fashionable travel totes, monogrammed boat totes for the beach and so much more. Finished with fine detailing and professional embroidered monogramming.

They do personalizations for every kind of bag you can think of, from beach to cosmetic to diaper to travel to wine -- and all in fantastic designs and colors.  My bag is their Classic Tote bag that I needed for overnight trips.  I have a big rolling suitcase that is great for long trips, but I needed something simpler for a quick getaway. 

Here is my bag with my initials in gold.  I love it!!

It's the perfect size to hold a change of clothes, pajamas, an iPad, a curling iron, a make up bag, a giant can of hair spray and a brush.  Not to mention a phone charger in the side pocket.  I could have packed more, but what else do you need for an overnighter with your kids?  They have their own suitcases, but I think I'm going to hit up Simply Bags and get them each their own getaway duffle bag.  They have a great assortment of kids bags here.

And in case there's any confusion as to who the MLM tote belongs to, here is me sitting next to my tote.  We can thank Noelle for her picture taking abilities.

Our reason for a getaway was perfect -- the Monterey Bay Aquarium was having a Member Appreciation Night that we decided we needed to go to and be appreciated.  So we got a room at an Inn we'd never stayed at (and ended up LOVING) and made an entire weekend out of it.  Here's Noelle, soaking up the room atmosphere.

She's a sucker for all things vacation -- just like the rest of us!

I hope you'll take a look at all the various bags and totes and purses that Simply Bags has to offer.  I know there's something there for everyone!


Kitty Deschanel said...

Yogurt Land sounds like my kind of place! *Sigh* I am waaaay overdue for a vacation :p

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