Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Beginnings of Teen Angst

I’ve discovered something un-fun.

I now know what my mom was going through when I thought she was the stupidest and most repetitive person on earth. I know because my daughter officially seems to feel that way about me.

Lately I get a lot of, “OkAY, you don’t have to rePEAT yourself 80 times!” Or, “I KNOW, Mom, you’ve told me that like a million times!” Let it be known she doesn’t get to say this to me a second time – that first time typically gets her into hot water.

Where did my sweet little girl go??

Thankfully she’s not fully gone – I still get lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles, which get me through the week a lot of the time. And she is still my sidekick when there are treks to be taken and laughs to be had. But there’s also this sass that shows me that, at seven years old, she’s already starting to grow away from me, and that I’m in for a tough set of years ahead.

A perfect hilarious example would be the two voice mails I currently have saved on my iPhone. One is from a few weeks back after she’d had a play date at a dear friend’s house where they had made cupcakes together. Here’s the call I got the next day – imagine a soft sweet voice as you read.

“Hi Mommy, It’s me, Noelle. I was just going to ask you something. And, well, I don’t want Daddy to hear it, so I’m going to go in your room…. Well, I just wanted to ask you if it would be okay if Daddy could have one of the cupcakes that I made with Kathleen. And I just wanted to ask you that. Well, anyway, love you Mommy – bye!”

She knew that Daddy having a cupcake meant I couldn’t, and she wanted to get my blessing. Who could say no to that??

Now on to the message from last Friday.

Imagine a not so soft or sweet voice. And just know that she and I had decided the week before to not do a load of laundry for her because she needed to wear some of her clean things to justify that. (I didn’t buy her cute dresses so they could hang in her closet for a month!)

“Hi Mom, it’s me, Noelle. I just wanted to tell you, RIGHT when you get home, I want you to DO my LAUNDRY. I don’t care if you have anything else to do. I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. You’re just doing my laundry. Okay? (Sullenly) Bye, I love you.”

That’s my sweet little angel.

Thankfully the conversation that followed gave her the opportunity to apologize and feel a fairly sufficient amount of guilt. And she’s also going to be learning how to handle more of her own laundry.

Ask, and you shall receive.

P.S. Mom, I'm really sorry. 

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Lee said...

Reading this was soo amazingly entertaining! lol. Loved it! As my mother managed to raise 3 daughters to adulthood without killing one of us, I think I should go apologize/thank her for something completely random.
Good luck in the future.