Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Roller Coaster is Slowing Down

Just a few days have passed and MUCH is sorted out.

First, Charlie got a fabulous new bike over the weekend thanks to Gramma, Grampa, his dad and me. I’ll have to snap some pictures of him whirring by on it. The fun part about the bike purchase was finding out how tall my boy is now. He’s an inch shy of five feet! Look out, Gramma – he’s closing in on you! According to WebMD he’s guesstimated to be 6’2” as an adult. I love it! (My dream has always been that he be taller than me. Who wants to be shorter than their mom??)

Now for the irony. We found out that Charlie didn’t get into the school that’s close by – instead he made it into his first choice, which is super far away. No riding his bike to school this year!

Oh well – I’m of the belief that every kid should have a bike. It’s a part of being a kid! No regrets in buying it.

Charlie’s hair has been cut, his backpack and lunchbox purchased and a birthday invite has been put out.

Noelle’s haircut has been scheduled and she is sufficiently prepared with her new Harajuku mini messenger bag and lunchbox. That’s right, Gwen Stefani has a line for girls now at Target, and we LOVE it. How cute is this?
I love that my girl is a Gwen girl.  Inside it says Nerds Rule!

What’s left? Possibly some new school clothes for my boy, a decent pair of sandals for my girl, and of course a GREAT first day.

As for child care – that was last thing really plaguing me, but things are falling into place and I am happy to say it’s nearly settled. The highlight for me? My boss okayed the idea of me taking the kids to school myself after working from home a bit in the mornings, which means no early run out the door and nobody else taking them to school – just me. We all needed that and I’m very grateful to her for the flexibility.

’11-’12 school year – here we come!!


Mere said...

Ahhhh the school year is getting closer and closer!! So happy for Charlie getting into his first choice! WOW! Noelle has amazing taste! I love her new backpack!!! Have a wonderful school year, Ms. Merrie!!

Love, Mere

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