Thursday, December 1, 2011

Five Things

Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop to the inspirational rescue!

List 5 things we don't know about you
1. My signature scent is the original Vanilla from The Body Shop -- I've been wearing it for years and years.  If they ever stop making it, I'm going to clean out every store on the west coast.  When I'm not wearing the vanilla, my favorite backup is Joop!

2. I was born on my actual due date of 11/11, which coincidentally was 9 months and 2 days after my father returned from a year of service in Korea.  I'll bet they're glad I wasn't early!

3. I own every single book LaVyrle Spencer ever wrote, and I re-read each of them every several years.  My favorites are Years, Sweet Memories and Separate Beds.  I don't care much for any other romance writers, but she's from Minnesota and often sets the book in the 1800's or early 1900's.  I love that.

4. I've been keeping a journal since high school, and I now have a drawer full of them from over the years.  Mostly I'm embarrassed to know me when I read through them, so I've started a journal of simple stories from my life that my children can read later.  Hopefully it will give them a bit of insight of who I was.

5. Nothing makes me laugh harder then texts from or  NOTHING.  I literally cry.  If you haven't been there, drop everything and start reading.

  • ME: Mom, did I see you last night? Sorry I came home a little hammered…
  • MOM: Um, yes. You did.
  • ME: Uh oh. What happened?
  • MOM: I reminded you to change your clocks and you burst into tears. I’ll remember it’s a sensitive subject from now on.
  • ************
  • Dad: What are you doing?
  • Me: I’m at Grandma’s house. What do you need?
  • Dad: I want cookies. Chocolate chip. Get them for me. I will pay.
  • Me: Ask mom.
  • Dad: I did. She won’t. Says no. Get cookies please.
  • Me: I will on my way home.
  • (10 minutes later)
  • Dad: Nevermind. Mom found texts. NO COOKIES! ABORT MISSION!
  • ************
  • DAD: big poppa is back!!
  • ME: who’s big poppa?
  • DAD: the big turkey in the backyard, i named him big pappa.
  • (5 minutes later)

  • List 5 things you're knowledgeable about
    1. Anne of Green Gables.  I've read every book, some of them more than 20 times, and I absolutely love Ann (with an e) Shirley.  My favorite book is Anne of Ingleside, which is mostly about her children.  Their antics and adventures make me laugh or smile endlessly.  I can't wait for Noelle to read them.

    2. Marie Antoinette.  I was obsessed a couple of years ago and read many books about her life.  FYI, it's not a happy ending.

    3. Mormonism.  I happened to have studied it a lot a few years back, and I have a few too many books on the subject. 

    4. Baking.  Thanks to my mom I feel like I can tackle just about anything in the baking world and have a clue about what I'm doing.  She was a wonderful teacher when I was growing up -- very patient and consistent.  I hear her in myself when I'm baking with Noelle.

    5. Amy Grant's music.  I tried not to mention her, but let's be honest -- there's little about her and her life and her history that I don't know.  What can I say?  She intrigues me!

    List 5 things you know nothing about
    1. Playing an instrument.  I can still do scales on my flute, but that's the extent of it.  I've always been interested in the piano and guitar, but who has the time?  Or a piano?

    2. How to keep any sort of reptile alive.  I live in fear of the kids getting a turtle or lizard some day. 

    3. Changing the oil in my car.  I could save a lot of money if I knew, but I take it to a shop and tell someone what I want and then browse at a store nearby while they mysteriously change my oil.

    4. I love Indian food, but I don't have a clue as to how it's made or even the name of most dishes.  In most restaurants I am lucky enough to be with someone who has a clue, or I go to my usual little place where they know me and the food is exactly the same every time.  Otherwise I'm completely intimidated.  This is something I would like to rectify.  I do not feel that way about the reptiles.

    5. How to color hair.  I've never had mine colored, though the grey that's popping up has me thinking about buying a box.  But I'm totally intimidated and will probably make a friend or my mom do it on the first attempt.  Good luck to them.

    List 5 things you believe
    1. I believe there is love in store for me again -- I just don't have any idea of when it will be.  Soon or many years from now.  No matter what, I refuse to give up on the idea of romance in my future!

    2. I believe people who stir up problems for other people deliberately (and with pleasure) should all be sent to an island to live together so that the rest of us can live in peace.

    3. I believe I came from a family filled with strong women, and I hope they look down on me and feel that I measure up.  There are so many of them that I want to make proud.

    4. I believe the last 15 minutes of "You've Got Mail" make me feel good, no matter what life is handing me.  That's probably where #1 stems from.

    5. I believe I am the luckiest girl in the world to have the parents that I have.  Just imagine -- two people who think I'm wonderful and are there for me whenever I need them.  And I've needed them a lot the last few years!  I only hope I can someday do anything for them that comes even close to what they've done for me.  Plus, it turns out my dad is a great garage organizer, so there's that!  (I love you, Dad.)


    Nikwai said...

    I love that you have kept a journal for that long. I have a box of journals that I've kept (not very consistent with writing in them) since 4th grade and totally get how you feel about reading over them again. Sometimes I'm like, "What!? What did you write?" It's quite interesting to see where you've been and where you are.

    I also realized in reading yours that I forgot to write my 5 things I believe in. I probably should have put I'm very knowledgeable about forgetting things and getting distracted.

    Thanks for sharing.

    LeAnn said...

    I am absolutely going to check out those text websites. I always worry that someday the police may check out my phone (who even knows why) and decide that the texts between my sister and I are proof that I am more than just a little quirky!
    Thanks for the post!

    Holly said...

    I love Body Shop perfumes, although my favourite one, Sparkling Apple was discontinued. I was NOT pleased. :(

    Dawn said...

    Merrie, I love reading this about you.

    I was in love with a Bath & Body Works scent that was discontinued. I refuse to believe it so every time I go in their store I look for it. :)

    I would love to chat with you about Mormonism... It is a curiosity to me, and I live in a very Mormon area... would love to know more.

    As far as "When Parents Text" I was virtually howling with laughter the other day. The one you posted about the cookies is one of my faves as well. :)

    As far as journaling, I am awful. Its one of those things that I yearn to do but can't seem to be consistent at. I sometimes use my blog as my journal. Probably not smart to publicize my inner thoughts, but hey, there it is.

    Love you cousin!

    Anonymous said...

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