Thursday, December 12, 2013

Friends & Family 2013

I feel like doing a blog catch up, and I feel like doing it with pictures.

So here's some insight into our lives these last few months.  Enjoy!

In August we celebrated Charlie's 12th with friends, food and video games.  They were happy.

In September we celebrated Noelle's 10th with a swim party at my cousin's house.  My cousin is wonderful -- she even disappeared with her husband for hours so we could have the run of the place.  Not too shabby.

In October Noelle and I escaped for a girls getaway weekend.  We scrapbooked, slept in a little cabin-like room and took walks to see redwood trees and deer.  We loved it so much that we're going back in April!

A few weeks later, Russ and I headed to his home state of Wisconsin to see family, his old digs and most importantly -- the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field!!  That was a dream come true.

Naturally we brought home goodies for the kids.  They weren't too excited.  ;o)

And then of course there's Halloween...

In November I turned 38 and managed to have the 3rd annual birthday celebration with my cousin, who is one year and a few weeks younger than me.  We've been close since we were kids and I love that we still spend time together when we can.  Aren't we cute?

Another favorite gathering that month was meeting up with my best friends since high school and their son for a day at the aquarium.  You'd think I would have taken pictures of the sea life, but instead I got a lot of pictures of the hugs that were happily doled out.  I love this about our little "family."

November is also the month of giving thanks, which as you know we happily did in Monterey on Cannery Row.  The food was pretty good, but the company was better.  After our delicious filling meal we went back to our home town and saw "Catching Fire."  It was a perfect day.

Don't be misled by Russes unhappy face in our picture.  What you can't tell is that he's thrilled to have me next to him, and not in fact grossed out.  I swear.

And now here we are in December and we're NOWHERE on pictures.  My company party took place this last weekend, and after Russ and I got all dolled up, we took zero pics.  Genius.  Our plan for this weekend is take a family photo near a Christmas tree so that I can attempt to get a Christmas card out in the mail before Christmas is actually over.  We also hope to get decorations up and a tree in the house before New Years. 

I know, I set the bar high.

Merry Christmas!!

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