Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Latest and it's all Good

Big things have been happening at Sleepless Mornings lately!

  • I'm officially a classified sub in our school district.  I can sub in the office, in the lunch room or in the classroom as an aide.  So far I've done lunch room once (at Noelle's school, which led to many amusing moments with her and her friends), and several weeks of being a para-specialist for special needs kids in their classrooms.  I honestly walked into that job feeling like I would be inadequate and under qualified, but the teachers know their stuff and I picked up whatever I could.  More importantly, I fell completely in love with the children in a way that I never saw coming.  I discovered that the best feeling in the world is when one of these incredible kids comes running towards me first thing in the morning for a hug.  Or crawls into my lap to cuddle.  Or smiles with pride when the answer they were searching for comes to them.  There is no better feeling in the world, and I would happily go back every day.
    • However, it should be noted that today we started Thanksgiving break, and my tired body is SO ready for the break!!
  • Inspired by my beautiful and hilarious friend Angie, who to date has lost 80+ pounds over the last year and a half, I have begun a regime of walking daily and eating well to get myself back into a shape I can be happy with.  On my first day I was super proud of the one mile I was able to accomplish, but as of now (2.5 months later) I am pleased to say I'm jog/walking 4 miles daily when I can fit it in.  Russ is a runner so he joins me when he's not working, but I do enjoy my alone walks, too, as a bit of quiet meditation.  I'm dying to post some before/after photos, but so far I'm not there yet.  But the weight is trickling off slowly and I am enjoying buying some new clothes.  (Especially running clothes -- who saw that coming??!)
  • Just this morning I was delighted to discover a FB message from my high school bestie, who I'm sorry to say I was not in touch with for quite a few years.  We both had some explaining to do about what happened between us, but most importantly I'm grateful that I finally had the opportunity to apologize for hurting her all those years ago.  It weighed on me for a long time, knowing that I could have handled things differently, and I always hoped I'd have that opportunity to tell her.  Today that opportunity came and we are both the better for it.  Yay us!
  • Thanksgiving is at our house this year, and the first at our new home.  I'm thinking we'll have to finally pull the dining room table into working position and eat on it.  (We usually use the eat-in kitchen table that we bought.  Or sometimes the coffee table.  So?)  Noelle and my mom and I are having fun arranging the menu, and of course there will be too much pie for all.  Isn't overeating what Thanksgiving is all about??  
    • PS I suspect my gall bladder is on the way out.  Too many attacks amidst too much healthy eating = unhappy Merrie.
  • I turned 41 a few weeks back, and it was fabulous!  Great day with my family that included my walk, a great movie (Arrival) and dinner/shopping in a nearby town with great shops.  I came home with books, including the book that Arrival is based on.  This made up for the 40th being not so great.  :o/

That's all I've got for now.  Happy November all!  I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones.

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