Friday, April 18, 2008

The Saga Continues

What a whirlwind! The last 24 hours have been more than interesting, to say the least. What it comes down to is this: the family that has been raising Aurora for the last five months decided to give her up because their older German shepherd hasn't been enjoying Aurora's young and enthusiastic playfulness. They felt that another family could do better by her, and at the same time, they could make their shepherd's life a lot easier. After meeting her, we had a hard time deciding what would be best for us. With Simba, we knew he was "our dog" right away, and took him home the day we met him. With Aurora, it's almost as if we've been talking ourselves into it.

In the end, after much discussion, we decided we'd go for it, but with a disclaimer: if she really doesn't end up being a great fit with our family, we'll list her as "adoptable" through BASH, and become her foster family in the mean time. They really do a fine job of finding homes for Huskies, and I have no doubt they'd find a good one for her. Whatever happens, she'll be well taken care of, and that gives us a sense of relief after having known she was on her way to the shelter if we hadn't come along.

That said, Aurora arrived at our house last night, amidst a great deal of excitement! The kids couldn't wait to have her there, and the moment she walked in, they were all over her. They followed her all over the house and the yard, calling her name and laughing it up whenever she gave them a lick. She seemed to feel at ease pretty quickly, and through the evening was happy to come to us for some scratches and pets. That is, whenever Simba left her alone for two seconds. WOW was he jazzed to have her there! They spent a lot of time wrestling and trying to declare who would be the dominant dog. We had hoped they would calm down, but unfortunately, this went on all night. We tried separating them, but that didn't go over very well. In the end, they spent from 3am on in the backyard, and this morning they were damp and muddy. I almost felt bad when I had to drive to work this morning, leaving hubby with the clean up. Almost.

We'll have to wait and see how it goes from here. Our hope is that the two dogs will get used to one another and then CALM DOWN. Here's hoping!!

Here are some pictures. Aurora is the darker and bigger dog on the left. Hubby and daughter enjoyed being in the middle of things.

Both dogs played so hard that all they wanted to do was drink, drink, drink!!

And remember what I said about her multi-colored eyes? How beautiful are these?

Keep good thoughts for us tonight -- that we'll get some sleep!


Ali said...

I'm looking forward to hearing more husky stories! In that 1st pic, is Simba licking in Aurora's ear? Howard does that to Lexie all the time. Maybe it's a submissive thing?

Merrie said...

I'm not sure! They were so crazy that night that I was lucky to get a shot of them standing still. lol Thank goodness they've now calmed down, and things are as "normal" as they can be with a 13 month old TALL puppy.

The Mom Jen said...

She beautiful Mere! Congrats on the new addition! ((sleep vibes))
Looks like they're getting along so well already!