Thursday, May 29, 2008

Baby on the way!

It's official -- they're in labor!!!

Well, okay, technically Lisa's in labor. She was due on Sunday, and it's been a looong couple of days waiting. Just this morning I got a picture text from the dad-to-be of Lisa on a hospital bed and telling me that things were happening. Woohoo! He also called and says she's doing wonderfully. I'm so excited!! I hope it goes quickly and not too painfully. She's already at 3 cm and 100% effaced, so things are moving along. I'll update below as the day progresses. Think happy baby thoughts!!

Lisa's water broke! That's all I know from a text message I just got from Mark. My experience with the water breaking was that, both times, my labor picked up big time after that. Here's hoping it'll be quick from here!

Per Mark, Lisa was at 4.5 cm an hour ago. Hopefully it's progressing quickly. I texted to him that she's a trooper, and he just wrote back, "No doubt!"

It's push time! Mark said a few minutes ago that she was at 9.5 and they were prepping the room. She did get an epidural, thank goodness, and will be able to enjoy the birth ever so much more. (Such fond memories for me of enjoying my son's birth in a calm way. Daughter -- not so much!) My next post should be news of the birth and - finally! - the name of this little boy!

I wish I had an update! There must be plenty going on, as I haven't heard a word since 2:30. I texted some question marks to Mark, but nada. All I can do is attempt patience and hope that they're having a wonderful time with their new son. (Which is a perfectly good reason to not be answering text messages from me!) Oh, to be a fly on that wall.

He's been born! But I'm holding off on any details until I have a picture to add. Just know -- all is well! :)


The Mom Jen said...

How exciting!!!!!!

Easy labor vibes!!

Ali said...

There's nothing like a new baby!