Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ups and Downs

My daughter has discovered the joy of a foot massage. It all started when I got the ol' foot spa out last week. She was intrigued by the bubbles. She started asking when it was going to be her turn. Yesterday turned out to be that day. Check out the sublime joy on her little face.

I'm glad we had this nice relaxing moment. It was a great predecessor to the hell that was our afternoon. I had cleverly bought a toy for my daughter at the Dollar Tree that had red paint inside of it, and naturally, within 24 hours, it was destroyed. All over her room. And our new carpeting. Not to mention her bed. I cried and scrubbed, then scrubbed and cried some more. In the end, after much carpet cleaner, hot water and even vinegar, we've been left with a great deal of pink carpet.

Why did I buy the toy? One word: Jackass.


Ali said...

Oooooh, I need one of those! (foot spa not pink carpet!)

Anonymous said...

I had a bad paint on the carpet experience one time. The paint was hot pink, the carpet beige. I left the room for a moment (for what I don't remember) and when I came back my youngest daughter had apparently stopped in. It seems she accidentally kicked the paint can over on her way out of the room. We were left with a HUGE pink blotch in the carpet. Fun times for sure.

As for the foot massage...I daresay you've likely created a monster!

McMommy said...

I just got back from a pedicure and oohhhhhhhh...your daughter is one smart cookie!! Foot massages are the best!

Sorry to hear about the pink carpet! Perhaps a foot massage would make it all better for you? :)