Friday, May 23, 2008

I love a day off

Awakened by a wet-nosed malberian sibermute. (I still love saying that.)
Son walks in -- walks back out. He has school today, so I'd better get up and wrangle some breakfast for him. He eats the last Barbie Eggo. Hmm...we need to go shopping.
Oh crap, I've been reading blogs and my daughter has to be at school in 20 minutes!
Actually leave for the preschool.
Arrive at Target with hubby and proceed to shop for 1.5 hours and spend $170. It's so easy to do! And I even got to buy a book. "Stolen Innocence," by a girl who escaped the FLDS. (Good for her!)
Cozied up on the couch with my book. The house was so quiet! I'm not used to that.
Leave to pick up my son early from 1st grade. "We have a very important family appointment at 1:15," I tell the office. Yeah, to see Indiana Jones.
Pick up my daughter from her last day at the best preschool, ever. Hugs for the teachers, a few sad goodbyes.
Our appointment begins -- Indiana Jones! As a lover and follower of the first three movies, I can honestly say I was disappointed, but we still had fun. A few scenes took my 6 year old by surprise, but I was savvy enough to get my hand in front of my daughter's eyes at just the right moments. She was fast asleep by the end.
Me on the couch with a book...daughter playing quietly in her room...husband working at the computer...son on his bed with a book. I could get used to this.

Normally I'd have been at work today, but I got a four day weekend, and I'm enjoying every minute of it. Hopefully tomorrow will bring rain, which can only help the firefighters working hard to put out the fire in the mountains not too far from us. California's Governator was actually in the town next door, visiting the base camp and thanking the crew. I can't tell you the leaps my heart takes whenever I see an engine arriving or leaving town after all their hard work. God bless these men and women!


The Mom Jen said...

I'm so glad you had a great day, I wish I could have gotten a pedi with you but K is a 2 year old rascal to say the least!

Glad your appointment went well!

Have a fab weekend. 6 days until SEX!

Ali said...

The 8:40 am entry? Been there! Love your new banner!