Saturday, May 24, 2008

Preschool Graduation!

A certain four year old little girl graduated from the Methodist Preschool this week! Her class followed the same ritual celebration that the school does each year. The kids walk in with musical instruments, sing along to about 5 songs, and then each child receives his/her certificate from their teacher. Our daughter was great about participating in the ceremony.

You can't miss her -- she's the teeny one in purple.

While this picture does not show any joy on her face whatsoever, I promise that she was delighted to receive flowers and a balloon. I think having an evening ceremony when the kids are worn out from the day is a great way to ensure grumpy looking pictures.

This year's graduation was a large improvement from two years ago when the boy graduated from the same school. Here he is in all his glory that night.

Yes, that's right -- that's him with his back turned. Hey, at least it's not a picture of him sticking his tongue out at us, or mouthing, "No, YOU shut up!," because he'd thought we'd said that to him. HUH?! Good times.


The Mom Jen said...

Sorry, but i'm giggling! I can't believe your little girl will be in Kindergarten!

Isn't that the best preschool? One more year and K will be there!

Not Just Any Jen said...

Cute. My daughter just had her last day of preschool too. Bittersweet.