Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's Love!

It's official -- Julian and I have met, and we've decided to be friends. It went like this:
He looked at me, I smiled. He settled into my arms, we rocked. He's amazing, and I fell in love. I feel like a sudo-aunt.

Who couldn't fall fast in love with this face? He has a full head of the softest black hair, and the yummiest wrinkly knees ever. (That's about all I saw due to his cozy sleeper.) Mark and Lisa definitely do good work. Well done, you guys.

The proud Papa and his boy.

I drove out to see them all on my lunch "hour" yesterday. My boss is wonderful and let me take several hours so that I could make the 45 minute drive over. Isn't he groovy? I kept thinking of the last time I made a lunch hour hospital visit -- nearly nine years ago when my friend Sherie had C, nine days before my wedding. (I can't believe he's almost nine!!) As I drove home that day, my car blew a tire on the freeway, and I kept hoping I wouldn't have a repeat of that event. Thankfully, my Camry made it back without incident.

As for last night...

What a perfect night!! Our girls came over, and Jen and I gave what I think was the perfect Sex and the City party. She tended bar, serving yummy White Wedding Cosmo's, Cranberry Twist Tinis and Apple Tinis. Delicious! We ordered in some choice chinese food, drank our drinks and watched the last 3 episodes of season six. (This helped catch us up, not to mention get our friend Ro on board with where we left the girls -- she's never seen one episode! *shock and awe*) There's nothing like having close girlfriends to spend time with, and I'm grateful for everyone who came.

The movie itself was SUBLIME. Exactly what I wanted, and it felt like I was watching a 2.5 hour episode. If you haven't seen it, see it. If you've seen it, see it again! I know I will.


Anonymous said...

Okay, that sounds like an awesome evening - I would like a repeat of that sometime very soon so I can see the movie - I just don't think I can go by myself when most of what I want is the wonderful time it sounds like you had BEFORE you even saw the movie!

Anonymous said...

I just love reading about myself in your blog! :-) (Did you never tell me about the tire... I so don't remember...)

Congrats Mark and Lisa on a beautiful boy!