Sunday, June 1, 2008

Need a shave?

It was Haircut Sunday around here this morning. Both Hubby and son were getting shaggy, so it didn't take long to talk me into breaking out the clippers. I've gotten better at cutting their hair over the years. It all started when I was pregnant with our daughter five years ago. We were working to save money, and little did we know we'd soon decide to cut our income by more than half so that I could be home for a while. This led to the dreaded budget cuts, and we spent a lot of time figuring out ways to save money. One investment was the hair cutting system.

We bought the set at Target, and it actually came with a video on "how to." I watched it (laughed my way through) once (or twice), and then went to town on Hubby's hair. I was doing fine until it started to become clear that I'd perhaps gone a little short on top. He's not exactly blessed with what you'd call "thick" hair up there, so what was there ended up too short to do anything with. Hence, it would not lay down. He ended up at our baby shower the next day with a hat on. We were both teased endlessly, and ever since, I keep it pretty long up on top. Problem solved.

Our son, on the other hand, has a different problem with hair cuts. They have an emotional effect on him. I think I'm to blame -- the very first time I cut his hair with the set, I might possibly have nicked him. I believe it was his ear. I only remember a little blood and a lot of screaming. For years after we'd hold off as long as we could, and then subject all of us (and our neighbors) to the torture of hearing him suffer through a cut. Never mind that I never nicked him again. I might as well have been removing each finger, one at a time.

The last year or two has been better. Not great, but better. Once we get him in the chair, he's very proud of how good and quiet he's being. At least, until he gets impatient for it to be over, and then there's much complaining. Today it was almost over when he got upset, and it was a fight from the finish until after a shower. Only then did the happy boy I know return, this time with shorter hair.

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The Mom Jen said...

Look at him, so dapper! My Bunco Buddy!! ;)

I've been cutting My Boy and my Hubby's hair for while now. My Boy's issue is the tickle factor at the nape of the neck!!