Friday, June 20, 2008

Our New 2nd Grader

Our son actually graduated a few weeks ago from first grade, but we've been so wrapped up in the start of summer that I never mentioned it. Here he is the evening after school ended. They don't hold a ceremony for 1st graders, but they do get a diploma, and I surprised him with balloons and he got to pick the dinner that night. (Happy Meal -- big shock.)

He had a successful year, though it wasn't without its issues. While he's an incredible student, and already on a 2nd grade level in most subjects (especially reading!), he tends to find himself in trouble for talking and laughing when everyone else is trying to work. (I can't say I don't understand -- I used to get bored, too, waiting around for all of the other kids to finish what I'd accomplished in a matter of minutes.) At the end of the year his long term sub "got it" and knew that everyone was better off if he had something to do when his work was finished. She kept him busy and that was a wonderful way to end the year.

Starting next year, my kids will go to a new school in town. I feel my son is ready for a fresh start in a place where he won't constantly be pre-judged based on his behavior during Kinder. It was astounding how far out of proportion things were blown this year when it came to him. For instance, I got a call one day about how he'd been "biting himself, and they were very worried." I had all kinds of awful images in my head, and from the way they were talking, I thought we were on our way to seeing a special new doctor of some kind. When we picked him up that day, we discovered the "bite." Guess who got bored in class and gave his arm a hickey? *sigh*

We just didn't see how that was going to be healthy for him, so we got a transfer. Both kids are VERY excited about the new school, and we're hoping for a great year all around. The new school doesn't have a high standard to beat -- they just have to know a hickey when they see one.


Ali said...

I LOVE McDonald's and balloons!

Staci said...

lol a hickey?? the things our kids do for attention....thanks for stoppin by my site, ill be back yeey new blogger buddies

amycaseycooks said...

Happy meals!! My kids are in their teens and still will order Happy Meals on a trip to McDonalds. But now it is more like 2 Happy Meals each. Good luck in the new school next year.