Thursday, July 24, 2008

Christmas in July??

I don't know about the rest of you, but THIS makes me very happy.

Of course, I wish it wasn't just a collection, because I already own all of the other Christmas albums that she's released over the years. However, there are going to be four new songs, so I feel a little bit better. And I've seen the list of songs, and thankfully they're all favorites, so I won't mind shelling out the cash for the album. (I buy everything on iTunes EXCEPT for Amy albums and U2 albums. I need the hard copies of those, thanks. Now, if U2 would just put out something new...)

Amy's not exactly on the "sold out arena" tour these days, but she is out celebrating the 20th anniversary of her greatest album (and my favorite) Lead Me On. The shocker of all shockers is that she's playing in a little town only 25 miles from my hometown in the fall. I won't have to drive two hours to see her! The other surprise/letdown is that the concert is on my husband's birthday. Knowing what an Amy fan he isn't, I figured my chances of attending weren't great. But being the good man that he is, he not only said he's fine with my going, but he's even going to come with me.
No, he's not perfect, but I can always say this about my husband: he finds joy in seeing me happy, and THAT is a pretty wonderful thing in itself.


The Mom Jen said...

He is so awesome, what a guy! Isn't it just the best having a great man to share life with??!!

Those pix of N are to die for cute!

queen foodie said...

Good call on your hubby's part. I love U2 also. Seen them twice in concert...they rock!

Tami said...

I. Love. Amy!

I sang a solo of El Shaddai when I was in 8th grade....I'd love to see her in concert but closest she's getting to me is Augusta, GA which would be an 8 hour drive :(

Maybe next time.....have fun, your hubby rocks!

John Deere Mom said...

That pic of your little girl is so precious. She looks like Cindy Lou Hoo. :)

Anonymous said...

SO cool! I know how much you love Amy, you will have fun! even better Rick, is willing to come with, He rocks!