Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have a confession to make.

We're searching for a new home for this sweet dog.

It's been three months since we took her in, and in that time we've come to realize a few things about ourselves and her. First and foremost, she loves to play with Simba, our other Husky. This does not mean she enjoys a run or frolic around the yard with him. No no no. For Aurora, to "play" with Simba means to knock him around, chew on his face and generally harass him at every possible moment. While Simba handles this well most of the time, eventually he gets fed up, and this has led to too many tussles that end up with him getting hurt. The last one also included my daughter. Hubby heard the playing get out of control from out in our side yard, and before he made it into the house, he heard our 4 year old scream. It seems she got caught in the middle, and one of the dogs got her on the arm instead of a dog on the leg. She ended up with two good punctures that are going to leave scars. We weren't thrilled. But worse, still, was the effect this fight had on Simba. Hubby found him a few minutes later, shaking on the ground, and then he staggered into the backyard and threw up. It sounded like a concussion to me, but I wasn't there, and thankfully he perked up after that.

There are other various reasons for our decision, but the important thing is that overall, we realize that we all aren't right for each other. She needs a bigger yard, and probably to be in a one dog house if we can help it, and we need to have less fighting, less chewing and less digging.

We've listed her in all the right places, and have already been contacted by a few interested people. Hubby would like me to just hand her over to anyone (how sweet!), but I'm being really straight with people to make sure they know what they're getting into. Aurora is sweet and loving and goofy, but needs some things we can't give her. I imagine we'll find a good fit for her, and if we don't, then we'll make the best of our situation that we can. One thing she can be sure of -- she won't end up in a shelter.


The Mom Jen said...

Oh no. For the record you're doing the right thing. Poor N!! I'm glad everything went well for her yesterday!

Ali said...

I hope your daughter will be okay! How scary! And poor Simba, too. Maybe there is a Husky Rescue Group you can take Aurora to?

Ranch Girl said...

I'm so sorry - I hope you can find a good home for her. I'll keep my ears open for anyone who might be interested.

queen foodie said...

Sorry it isn't working out for Simba and your family. I'm sure you'll find the perfect family for her.

Merrie said...

We have a family coming this Saturday to meet her with their giant collie. We'll see!

Ali -- she's listed on two Husky rescue sites. :)

Sheri said...

Oh, I hope she finds a home where both she and her family can be ecstatically happy! Wait . . . did I spell that right? Found you once through SITSa's, and can always de-lurk for doggy love! Mine is definately a one-dog home - works best for me and her!