Tuesday, July 22, 2008

A Recipe!

Hubby and I are cooking dinner right now -- well, let me clarify. He's grilling pork chops and corn on the cob. I'm chilling wine, making the chop glaze and blogging. Who do you think is working harder?

Anyway, I was practically drooling over the saucepan, when it occurred to me that the rest of you could really benefit from this recipe. I kid you not when I say it makes the pork chop 110% better just by being on top. Please place your right hand on your cookbook, and promise me that you'll try it the next time you make chops. (I think you could use it on just about any meat, but my mom gave this one to me as "pork chop glaze," and that's what I've stuck by.)

The Sleepless Morning Pork chop Glaze

1 tsp cornstarch
2 tbsp soy sauce
1/4 cup honey
1 garlic glove minced
Dash ground ginger (1 tsp)
1 tbsp sliced green onion (though I rarely have this on hand and haven't missed it)

In saucepan, mix cornstarch and soy sauce until smooth. Stir in honey, garlic and ginger. Bring to a boil. Cook and stir for one minute or until thickened. Drizzle over broiled pork chops.

You won't be sorry!!

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Ali said...

Mmmmmmm...I'll have to try it! I just love anything with honey!