Monday, October 20, 2008

It's a Monday

What a day! I had one of those days where nothing seemed to be going well. Not terrible, but annoying little things here and there, like oversleeping after it turns out my alarm clock was messed up by the storm and power outage we had, and on top of it I was having trouble getting my recent project closed. (It's been never ending.) The only highlight was finally getting my Disney on Ice tickets for later this week, and hoping and praying that my son won't decide this is the worst thing we've ever done to him, like he does with most fun outings. Don't ask -- I can't even figure this one out.

Things turned around at 3pm -- I found out that that our project money was approved as long as I got one last thing turned into them. Miraculously, in the hour following, the right people got me the "last thing," I turned it in and IT'S DONE! My boss wasn't available to rejoice with me, so I left a copy of the document showing it on his chair, and can only hope it made him half as happy as it made me. I came straight home, opened a yummy bottle of red wine, and am feeling very relaxed and joyful right now. (Well, as joyful as one can feel while watching "Living Proof" on Lifetime. You know, that movie about the doctor who developed a protein that helps shrink breast cancer? I'm a big ball of mush sitting here, happy about work, but crying over this emotional movie.)

Do you think it's the wine? Oh man I'm such a stereotype right now.

Looking forward, it's promising to be a decent week. Project done...Disney on Ice...Amy Grant bingo night fundraiser...Halloween party. Not too shabby for Merrie! Busy, but promising.

I hope your Monday was a good one! I'm off to forage for chocolate...

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Jamey said...

I am glad your day ended well, looks like you have a busy week, have fun at all your events (especially Amy!)