Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Seven year old boys

Tonight we're headed to dinner and to see Disney on Ice. If you asked my seven year old what we're doing, he'd say we're ruining his life. Seriously, what is UP with this kid? I love him, but for some reason he is incapable of being happy about family outings these days. At first I realized he doesn't care for small crowds of people he doesn't know, but now it's more than that. He had a small cow on Saturday when we wanted to go to a local theme park for a few hours, and today he's having a larger cow about going to tonight's show. He's sure he's going to hate it, it's "stupid," and he's unsure of why we're trying to ruin his life.

Someone has people issues. Is there a disorder that we can blame this on? If he got it from anyone, it's my husband -- I was never the "shy one" like him.

Oh, and we're also going to torture him with dinner out -- aren't we the worst? Don't you just hate me right now? I'm the meanest mom EVER. Nope, he doesn't like eating out, either.

*sigh* Between this and the election, I just feel tired and old. Wake me when it's Nov 5 and my child has stopped getting his grump on. (God willing.)


Ranch Girl said...

Hope you managed to have a good time anyway. My hubby and son don't love going out either - although they usually have a good time once we're out.

Ali said...

They're not supposed to act like that until they're teenagers--no fair!

kristen said...

If I didn't know any better, I would say you are raising my husband!!! I don't know if he was like this as a child but he doesn't enjoy going out for dinner and if he has to socialize with would think it was the end of the world! He says he's perfectly happy just being home with his family. That must be how your son feels too!

LazyCrazyMama said...

LOL! too funny. I also thought that was something that didn't start until those teenage years!

Jamey said...

yeah i am afraid the teenage years have hit early at your house, sorry! have fun though!